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Recently, we have received information regarding the release of a mobile game named Harry Potter – Pokemon Go developer’s, Niantic, will be responsible for the game’s development. Probably all of you remember the high popularity that surrounded Pokemon Go back in 2016 when it got released – people catching virtual pokemons were basically everywhere. You could see Go players at the park, on the street, in the mall and so on and so forth – the hype was real! And the hype would likely be just as real now that Harry Potter:Wizards Unite (or “Harry Potter Pokemon Go” as some might refer to it) is set to be released.

Harry Potter Go : Wizards Unite

Niantic promises that players will once again be able to explore their real-life environment and surroundings on their quest to battle virtual fantasy creatures through the highly popular augmented reality (AR) technology that Pokemon Go used. Currently, there isn’t much information regarding the specific mechanics of the game and what it would offer to the players apart from the fact that it is going to be similar to its predecessor in terms of gameplay. According to a brief description of the game that can be found on the PotterMore website, the game would allow the player to learn different spells and then go around town to hunt down powerful fantasy beasts or seek hidden treasures and artifacts. A team-up option where multiple players could unite to take down some of the stronger foes has also been pointed out as something that would be available with Wizards Unite. The game’s distributor will be the Warner Bros company.

The game is set to release next year

The announcement regarding the mobile Harry Potter game, Pokemon Go’s successor, has been said to be released sometime during 2018. It is assumed that the new game by Niantic will implement newer AR features using the ARCore and ARKit dev tools – both of which weren’t part of Pokemon Go when it released last year. Other attempts to popularize augmented reality games have been made. In fact, way back in 2012, Niantic released a mobile game called Ingress where they first tried to implement AR but Pokemon Go was truly the first such game that became mainstream, with incredible amounts of popularity.

However, as engaging as the augmented reality technology is, one thing to be noted about the predecessor of the mobile game Harry Potter, Pokemon Go, is that most users who are still playing it actually prefer to keep its AR element turned off as it is apparently easier to play the game that way and it also saves a lot of battery life. Still, though, due to improvements in technology throughout the past year, researchers predict that Harry Potter “Go” will offer its players an even greater immersion and more dynamic experience during gameplay when compared to the Pokemon mobile game from 2016. If you are interested, here is a link to the official site of Harry Potter:Wizards Unite where visitors can already sign in.


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