How to remove Adware from Android

How to find the Adware infected application

If you see Adverts on your phone, which are displayed even when your internet browser is turned off, that means one of the applications on your phone has embedded Adware. In most cases it will be the app you most recently installed on your phone, but this is not always the case. Sometimes app developers make terrible decisions – such as including Adware into Apps as a regular update – so it is entirely possible one of your older apps is the cause of the problem.

There is no direct way to identify the trouble maker, but you can easily find it by elimination. Shut down all non-essential Apps on your Android device, then start turning them on one by one. When you turn on an app give it some time to display the Ads – the more time you can give it the better, since we can’t know the trigger that causes them to appear. By using this method you will eventually discover the troublemaker.

Is it possible to keep an Application, but remove the Adware?

It may be possible, but strictly on а case-by-case basics:

  • Usually the easiest way is to purchase the premium version of the App – these usually come Ads-free. To do that just go to the store and purchase and install the premium version, then uninstall the Adware-infested version by following the guide below.
  • If that is not an option, you can try looking through the options menu of the App – sometimes certain App features trigger the Adware. Du Quick Charge, which recently created an outrage among Android users, is a good example.
  • The most likely scenario, however, is that the App developer will force a decision – to use the App and endure the Adware or to remove it completely.

The removal guide below will help you get rid of the App in question. Do not hesitate to get rid of any app containing intrusive Adware, because there is a stiff competition between App developers. You should be able to find an alternative Ads-free solution if you spend a bit of time in the store!

How to remove Adware from Android


Tap the settings button on your Android device. 



Navigate to the App drawer



Locate the app you want to have removed from your device.

Naturally, “Flashlight” is not suspicious and doesn’t deliver Ads, we merely use it as an example.

app info

In most cases you can click on the Uninstall button and be done with it. In rare occasions, however, the Malware may have managed to give itself administrator permissions and you’ll see that the Uninstall button is grayed out. In order to enable it you should leave the Apps folder and go to:

  • Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators

In there you will see a list of apps that have admin status within your system. They’ll probably be listed under the Android DeviceManager. Remove the problematic App from this list. Now you should be able to remove it as normal.


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