Protections Phone Best

Protections Phone Best

Protections Phone Best is an unwanted app for iPhones that fits the description of a page-redirecting browser hijacker that constantly tries to promote certain sites. Protections Phone Best is also known for flooding the screen of the device it is installed on with aggressive screen-wide banners and pop-ups.

Protections Phone Best

The Protections Phone Best Virus will fill your calendar with annoying ads.

This annoying behavior of the app is dictated by the use of the Pay-Per-View and Pay-Per-Click remuneration models that allow the developers of Protections Phone Best to make money off of paid adverts and site-redirects. Of course, the advertising actions of the hijacker can be quite unpleasant to the end-user, not to mention that they may increase the risk of getting the device infected with more dangerous types of malware such as Trojans, Ransomware, and so on.

Another issue with hijackers apps like Protections Phone Best is the many different permissions that they tend to obtain once installed. The hijacker may have access to your location, OS version, list of installed apps, calls manager, and more. Such permissions, though typically used for advertising and marketing purposes, could easily be exploited for the completion of more nefarious tasks if the people behind Protections Phone Best decide to do so or if the hijacker gets “kidnapped” by hackers. All things considered, the best solution you have at your disposal is to uninstall Protections Phone Best as this will prevent it from further spamming you with ads and page-redirects and it will deny its developers access to any data on your phone. In the guide at the bottom, you will find instructions on how to remove this app.


Name Protections Phone Best
Type  Browser Hijacker

Remove Protections Phone Best iPhone Calendar Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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