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This article aims to help users remove Ilividlive Virus from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, as well as their respective system.


Ilividlive Virus is a malicious piece of software that has likely infected your computer since you are reading this article. It is characterized by it’s ability to generate lots of advertisements displayed into your internet browser and as such fits in the Adware category of malware. Further “features” of this Adware include it’s effect of slowing down your computer and also the constant danger it poses to the security of your machine and private data.

Remember that in essence the Ads created by Ilividlive Virus work as additional data that needs to be downloaded and then rendered&displayed every time you load a new page. This undoubtedly puts extra strain on your CPU and badwidth speed. Browsers will generally try to display everything at once, so these extra Ads will result in additional loading time. On older computers or those with poor internet speed these slowdowns might even result in program unresponsivness, data loss, crashes and more.

Be very wary of everything offered to you for download by Ilividlive Virus

Ilividlive Virus is in its core a malicious application – it does not have your best interests in heart. There is a very good chance that most of those Ads you see are fakes that lead to sites who will attempt all kinds of scams upon you or even install viruses on your computer. For these reason it is best if you stay away from the Ads.

If Ilividlive Virus can’t make you visit one of the infected pages it may have another trick up its sleeves to get you. It involves misleading you into downloading some piece of software that will be offered to you for free in order to fix a problem with your computer. Note that there is probably no problem to begin with. Ilividlive Virus is capable of creating Ads and pop-ups that look exactly like system messages. If you get an offer to download a missing plug-in, to install a required video player or codec in order to view online media or to update a mainstay program like Flash or Java – DON’TDO IT. Those messages are fake and the only reason of their existance is to push you into downloading the virus-infected executable. The same applies if some mysterious online scanner examines your computer for free and find it full of viruses, registry errors, bad sectors in the HDD and a maltitude of other bogus problems. Even if you do not have an installed anti-virus program an online scanner will NEVER be able to search your computer – you are just a target of another scam.


Name Ilividlive
Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove Ilividlive Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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