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This page aims to help you remove New Tab Search. These New Tab Search removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

The following text deals with a very widely spread online irritation – the generation of many online advertisements such as banners and pop-ups inside your browser apps, every time you try to surf the web. The reason for the way all of your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer) may start to act is an infection with one browser hijacker, New Tab Search. In the paragraphs below we have discussed every separate detail, which you have to know about such contamination and this type of programs. The programs, which we can identify as browser hijackers, may produce a lot of online ads inside various browser versions. Among its other effects are the potential redirecting, which could occur, as well as the setting of some unfamiliar homepages and/or search engines. The good news is that such software could only infect your browser apps. No other component of your system could ever be modified by a program like New Tab Search.

Are the so-called hijackers hazardous in any way?

Actually, apart from the potential annoyance that you may experience, no hijacker has ever been reported to cause any harm or to affect your system in any negative way. What you need to realize is that no such program could be regarded as an equivalent of a virus. Below we are going to explain exactly why no hijackers could be seen as dangerous programs.

Malware ≠ browser hijackers

To give you a clear example, we are going to compare New Tab Search and a common version of malware, for instance, any file-encrypting Ransomware-like virus. All New Tab Search could do to your PC is to simply distribute pop-ups as it has been programmed to promote some products/ services online. Contrary to your expectations, all these activities are legitimate. The processes of advertising services and goods represent a successful branch of the marketing industry in general. One more thing an ad-broadcasting program might perform while it is inside your system is research your browsing history. Remain calm and sensible, no other details, which you may have entered on your PC, are available to any hijacker, simply the content of your current search requests. Such programs are normally set to track your requests, as that’s how later they can only show you the advertisements, which contain the products/services you’ve been interested in. In comparison, what a Ransomware virus could do to your computer is invade it in secret and begin a search process for the files, which you access most. After that you are made unable to access these files by encrypting them with an extremely sophisticated encryption key. Later on, you can expect the hackers to require a ransom payment from you in exchange for giving you back the access to your encrypted data. This activity is absolutely malicious unlike that of New Tab Search.

If New Tab Search doesn’t resemble malware, in what way could an infection take place?

For sure, New Tab Search is not a kind of malware. Still, some experts classify it as potentially unwanted partly because of the tricky and unclear ways it gets distributed. Firstly, we are going to mention the most common ones of the typical advertisement-related software sources. A hijacker may be included inside torrents; pop-ups; shareware websites; streaming web pages, and other contagious places. Normally, though, hijackers like New Tab Search may be components of free bundles. These bundles are available everywhere on the web, usually for free. What a bundle really represents is a free mixture of useful and not so useful software.

However, we have to point out that the problem doesn’t really result from just downloading a harmless bundle. The actual problem comes from the way you venture into installing such software mixtures. Typically, the installers contain two kinds of options – the detailed ones (Customized/Advanced), which will allow you to perform more adjustment manually; and the most common ones, which are automatically programmed to install the whole bundle (the Automatic/ Quick/Recommended/ Default ones). What we recommend that you do so as to stay away from annoying ads is to learn to choose the options from the first type, mentioned above. They are the ones, which will allow you to select what to reject and what to really incorporate into your system. If you do that regularly, it will be almost impossible to catch all kinds of online threats.

The basics of prevention

To begin with, you have to install all the software you download from the Internet just as we have described above – wisely and carefully. Another crucial aspect of prevention is to purchase a good anti-malware program; as they may have the capability of detecting ad sources and blocking them in advance. Moreover, you can simply try to minimize the time you spend surfing the web, especially around suspicious web pages. Keep calm, be wise and stay safe!


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New Tab Search Removal

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