Lidia Howler

Lidia is a web content creator with years of experience in the cyber-security sector. She helps readers with articles on malware removal and online security. Her strive for simplicity and well-researched information provides users with easy-to-follow It-related tips and step-by-step tutorials.


Sinclair TV hit by a ransomware attack

A ransomware attack on Sinclair Broadcast Group’s systems occurred over the weekend, according to the company’s press release. On the 16th of October 2021, Sinclair discovered a possible security issue and started investigating it and taking...


The REvil ransomware gang go out of sight

The infamous ransomware organization REvil, which has been behind a number of attacks in recent years, seems to have vanished from sight once again. Records Future’s Dmitry Smilyanets was the first to notice the change, which occurred after a...


Vtua Virus

Vtua Vtua is a ransomware cryptovirus that can blackmail you for a certain amount of money in exchange for restoring access to your digital data. To perform its money-extortion scheme, Vtua first sneaks inside the computer and secretly applies...


Sqnq Virus

Sqnq Sqnq is a new infection from the Ransomware type and if your personal files have become victims of its encryption, on this page, we might be able to help you. In this post, we have assembled an in-depth removal guide dedicated to the removal of...


Killware is the next big security threat

The Killware Virus DHS officials speaking to USA TODAY have shared that the water treatment facility showed that the malicious actor tried to alter chemical combinations to dangerous levels during the water treatment process. According to the...