Lidia Howler

Lidia is a web content creator with years of experience in the cyber-security sector. She helps readers with articles on malware removal and online security. Her strive for simplicity and well-researched information provides users with easy-to-follow It-related tips and step-by-step tutorials.


Watz (.watz) ransomware virus – removal and decryption options

*Watz is a variant of Stop/DJVU. Source of claim SH can remove it. An Watz File is on my PC – what does this mean? The existence of Watz files on your computer indicates the presence of a malware named Watz, which is part of the...

Browser Hijacker

How to remove browser hijacker

What is and what objectives does it serve? is a browser hijacker that affects the standard way a user’s browser operates. It alters the homepage, and the default search engine, and redirects...

Browser Hijacker

How to get rid of pop ups

The subject of this article is the removal of In the event you know about this website, your computer is likely overloaded with notifications continuously popping from this site. You will likely be unable to remove


How to remove TruoApp virus from operating system

*Source of claim SH can remove it. What kind of application is TruoApp? TruoApp is a malware that has the ability to install itself on a computer without the user’s awareness. Once it does that, the app inserts new extensions to the target...

Browser Hijacker

How to remove Highcpmgate browser hijacker

What is Highcpmgate? Highcpmgate is a rogue website that redirects internet users to aggressive adverts and questionable websites. It is part of the redirect chain of an adware program, which also includes ad placement elements.  Highcpmgate...


Removal instructions for the trojan Dorifel

*Source of claim SH can remove it. The digital world is filled with dangers, and one of the main threats out there is the Trojan Horse infection. Among its forms, Dorifel stands out as an impostor that seems to have been a global Lenovo problem...