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Avoiding sketchy content and suspicious links are some of the basic requirements of keeping yourself safe online. Most users know that sometimes one wrong click is enough to invite all kinds of malicious programs on their PC. It looks like this could now happen even without any particular action or a click.

Officials are warning: a new version of SamSam ransomware can infect your PC without you clicking anything.

Officials are warning that there is a new version of ransomware that can infect your PC without you clicking anything. Cybercriminals have developed a new method to infect clueless users with ransomware, which is different than the traditional way this infection occurs. Normally, ransomware infections happen when the victim clicks on an infected link, most commonly distributed through email attachments.


This uncommon type of new malicious software was first noticed by the Cisco Systems security researchers, who found out that the virus-like software takes advantage of server vulnerabilities. Such attacks normally take place without the users’ consent, where they are tricked to click on an infected link by mistake, but this new ransomware doesn’t even need human interaction to install itself on your PC and encrypt your data. According to security experts, cybercriminals use such type of malicious software to target large – scale networks. Their aim is, of course, to encrypt the data and keep it in exchange for huge amounts paid in ransom.

The researchers of Cisco Systems say that this strain, known as Samas or SamSam, was first found in the MedStar Health Hospital chain, which was hacked last month. Most ransomware still needs a human interaction with an infected file or link, in order to install itself. However, the Cisco’s report warns that the time of self-propagating ransomware might be right around the corner.

We witnessed how over the years, ransomware attacks quickly became a threat number one for all security experts and authorities. Nearly 2500 ransomware attacks were reported in the United States in the last year alone. These attacks have cost the US businesses in excess of $24 million.

How can we minimize the risk? Prevention remains the best solution. Everyone should think about taking proper security measures and follow some basic online safety rules when it comes to dealing with malware threats. Our “How to remove” team stays true to its goal to provide you with all the hot news, tips, and guides that help you have a safer online experience and protection. Staying informed ensures that we are one step ahead of the hackers. Please, share with others and let’s protect our online world.

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