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Mac Virus

Navlibx Mac

  Navlibx Navlibx is a file related to the Symantec Antivirus but sometimes malware may hijack it and use it to compromise your Mac. The Navlibx file itself isn’t a virus but if your Mac warns you against it, it’s best to check your computer...

Mac Virus

Will damage your computer Mac

  Will damage your computer The Will damage your computer pop up on Mac is an often fraudulent warning closely matched to a variety of browser hijacker-like apps. Most notably P Will Damage your computer, helperamc, helpermcp, navlibx, hlpradc...

Mac Virus

Idea Details Mac

  Idea Details Idea Details is a junkware program that changes the settings of Mac browsers. Idea Details does this in order to turn the browser into a platform for displaying advertisements. Welcome to “How to remove guide”. On this website...

Mac Virus

“Update will damage” Mac

  Update will damage The “Update will damage” pop up on Mac is a deceitful cautioning closely matched to a variety of browser hijacker-like apps. Most notably helperamc, helpermcp, navlibx, hlpradc, spchlpr and maftask. Is Update...

Mac Virus

Pronto App Mac

Pronto App Pronto App is a Mac browser hijacker, and it is mainly known for tampering with the browser’s settings without the user’s authorization. The changes Pronto App makes in the browser might make your Mac unsafe. New tabs, hard-to-remove ads...

Mac Virus

Helpermcp Mac Pop up

Helpermcp Helpermcp is known to be a browser hijacker. Numerous complaints about Helpermcp include browser redirects, unwanted advertisements and unapproved changes to the user’s browser. In the following article that you are about to read we have...