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Ensiko Malware can encrypt files on Windows, macOS, Linux

The Ensiko Malware A new type of malware packed with malicious features has recently been reported by security researchers. The threat is named Ensiko and, as per the initial reports, it can encrypt files on practically any system that is running...


Choosing between Windows, MacOS, and Chrome OS 2020

Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS? If you are about to buy your first desktop computer or laptop or if you want to change your old one and are wondering whether to go for the same operating system or try something new, here, we will try to help you pick...


Types of malware that can attack Mac

Types of malware that can attack your Mac If you are a Mac user, you should know that your computer is not immune to malware. In the past, Mac malware used to be a rarity, but now it is almost as common as Windows malware. In this post, we will go...

Mac Virus

Extralist Mac

Extralist Extralist is advertising software that installs in the browsers of Mac systems and reroutes their traffic to sites that need promotion. Extralist is advertised as a browser add-on, but it is generally seen as potentially unwanted because...

Mac Virus

Player Location Check Mac

  Player Location Check Player Location Check is a browser hijacker that replaces the homepage of Mac browsers without being authorized. Player Location Check is also known for causing page-redirects and for making other unwanted changes in the...

Mac Virus

Metro Premium Mac

  Metro Premium Metro Premium is a potentially unwanted program for Mac computers that can tamper with your browser’s settings without asking for permission. Metro Premium is also programmed to redirect you to certain advertising sites. The...