Tag - Ransomware



TRAPGET TRAPGET is a harmful piece of Windows malware categorized as a Ransomware file-encrypting virus. TRAPGET will target most of your files and encryption-lock them in order to force you to pay a big sum of money in exchange for their release...


Sekhmet Ransomware

Sekhmet Sekhmet is a malicious program that operates as a file-encrypting Ransomware virus. Threats such as Sekhmet are known to apply encryption to the files of their victims and to request a payment for the decryption key. Unlike other computer...


Egregor Ransomware

Egregor Egregor is a file-encrypting ransomware virus that denies its victims access to their files. Egregor is created for the purposes of cyber extortion and it doesn’t release the files of its victims unless a ransom is paid by the latter...


.Kolz Virus

.Kolz .Kolz is a ransomware computer virus that will scan your computer for certain data formats and encrypt all files that belong to them. The goal of .Kolz is to blackmail you for the access key to the files that it has locked with the encryption...

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