Sekhmet Ransomware


Sekhmet is a malicious program that operates as a file-encrypting Ransomware virus. Threats such as Sekhmet are known to apply encryption to the files of their victims and to request a payment for the decryption key.

sekhmet ransomware

The Sekhmet Ransomware ransom note

Unlike other computer viruses such as Trojans or Spyware, Sekhmet doesn’t hide in the system for long. In fact, as soon as it encrypts the targeted files, it leaves a message on the screen of the infected computer and notifies the users that they have to pay a ransom to obtain the decryption key for their files. Security experts consider ransomware to be one of the most troublesome types of malware even though all that it does is to lock the victim’s files without harming the infected device. This is because an infection like Sekhmet or Egregor can restrict access to some very important digital information and if the attacked user has not backed it up, they may lose it forever. That’s why one of the best ways to protect your information from ransomware attacks is to create copies of your most valuable files and to store them on an external drive, cloud or another device where you can access them anytime. In this way, even if you get infected with a ransomware variant, all you will have to worry about is how to remove the virus. One of the major reasons for the success of file-encrypting threats like Sekhmet is that most users have no habit of backing up their important data, which gives the hackers behind the ransomware the required power when they strike and restrict access to the data on the computer through encryption.

The Sekhmet virus

The Sekhmet virus is a Ransomware-based threat that detects and encrypts the most valuable files on the compromised computer. After doing that, the Sekhmet virus places a banner, a text file or a notification on the desktop and asks the victims to pay a ransom for the decryption of their files.

Many users who desperately need the files that have been encrypted follow straightly the ransom payment instructions in the ransom notice with the hope to retrieve their data as soon as possible. Even if in certain cases this may be the only available option to recover your information, paying a ransom right away is usually unadvisable. Security experts recommend that the victims explore some other alternatives and keep the ransom payment as the very last resort. Besides, you can never know if the hackers will really give you the correct decryption key for your files after the payment is completed. That’s why every alternative that may to help to recover your files without giving your money to hackers should be considered and tested. Our Sekhmet removal guide also offers some file-recovery suggestions that may be worth your attention.

The Sekhmet file extension

The Sekhmet file extension is a special suffix that is attached to the end of the encrypted file name in place of the original file extension. The Sekhmet file extension does not match any existing data format because it is not a valid file extension.

Before giving a try to any file-recovery methods and decryption solutions, victims of Sekhmet are advised to remove the virus in order to avoid possible encryption of new files, as well as backup sources and devices that they link to the infected computer.


Name Sekhmet
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

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 Sekhmet Ransomware Removal

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