2gether suffered a cyber attack

2gether hacked

Native tokens will be provided to users to compensate for their stolen funds. 2gether Hacked

2gether has reported a hacking assault in which cryptocurrency investment accounts have been drained with nearly €1,2 million. The company operates as a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers buying and selling without additional fees within the Eurozone. The native coin of the platform is the 2GT token, which was due to be issued this year.

 On July 31st,  the trading platform experienced a cyberattack on its servers. The anonymous attackers allegedly ended up with €1,183 million in cryptocurrency, stolen from investment accounts, which corresponds to 26.79% of the overall funds of the company.

Following the incident, the CEO of 2gether, Ramón Ferraz Estrada, published a series of Twitter announcements assuring that general wallets, Euro accounts, and financial details of payment cards used to deposit funds have not been compromised. However, user passwords have been affected during the security breach, thus users are urged to update them.

So far, 2gether has not disclosed details about exactly how the accident has happened. An investigation is now in process and it is yet to be revealed how the company’s servers have been accessed by the cybercriminals and what are the full consequences of the attack. The platform announced only that, currently, information is being collected in order to be handed over to the local authorities.

In a post on the official website dated from 1st of August, the Chairman of 2gether, Salvador Casquero, and the Director, Luis Estrada, labeled the hackers as “soulless individuals” and said that the accident has brought a lot of uncertainty. 

The executives explained that, as a result from the cyberattack, the cryptocurrency platform does not have enough capital to support all of its bases. An immediate negotiation with an unspecified “investment firm” has been held in an attempt to receive a cash injection, however, there has been no agreement. Thus, the only alternative that the company has been left with is to provide the users of 2gether with a native 2GT token equivalent of their stolen cryptocurrency.

“We want to compensate the amount of stolen cryptocurrency (26.79% of your position before the attack) with a volume in 2GT equivalent to the issuance price of 5 cents”, the 2gether team said in a statement. They added that they are actively looking for additional funds to make up for every single one of their users’ cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

The managers said that the Technical Team is working hard to re-open the platform and restore the entry as quickly as possible and with all the necessary security measures applied. Investor questions will be answered in the next few days in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) event.

The company hopes to overcome the consequences of the accident quickly and to compensate its users. “We hope you can see these hard times and adverse events compensated soon, whether you decide to give us the vote of confidence we’re asking you for or not”, the team published in a statement.


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