A Quick Guide to Removing Image Backgrounds on iPhone

4 Simple Ways to Remove the Background From an Image on Your iPhone 

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Have you ever had to remove the background from an image and integrate it into a design or collage? If so, you know how tricky this process can be when done manually. Apple users can reap the benefits of their devices’ photography and post-processing solutions; iPhones have numerous convenient features that automate the background removal process. Moreover, if you need to eliminate complex backdrops, you can leverage excellent online tools—for example, the beginner-friendly Depositphotos Background Remover.

Read on to delve into the top four ways to remove a photo backdrop on your iPhone and simplify your creative workflow. 

4 BG removal options on iPhones

With background-free photos, you can start numerous creative projects. For example, you can craft a funny sticker set featuring your pet in just a few seconds. But first, you need to remove the background from your iPhone’s image, and here are the top four solutions you can use:

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  • Online background erasers. This is one of the most convenient methods because such solutions are accessible to users via any browser. Moreover, online background removers run on artificial intelligence, producing high-quality results without manual intervention. 
  • Built-in features. iPhones allow you to easily manipulate foreground objects in your photos without installing third-party applications on your smartphone or visiting a particular website. However, one drawback is that not every iPhone user may have access to this feature because it’s available only for iOS 16 and later. 
  • The Apple Pages application. Apple Pages is a handy app for working with documents. It also has a background removal feature for images you add to your projects. 
  • Downloadable mobile applications. If you’re involved in social media marketing or managing product listings in an online store, this is your best solution. Mobile applications help remove backgrounds and provide additional image-processing features. This way, you can quickly adapt your visuals to various requirements. 

FAQ: How can you replace a picture background on your iPhone quickly? 

You can use photo editing apps like Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop Express to replace a picture background on your iPhone. Import the image, select the background, and delete it. Then, add a new background layer or choose a different photo as the backdrop. These apps offer tools for precise editing and seamless background replacement on your iPhone.

Working with online background erasers 

You can find various online background erasers with different functionalities and additional features; some offer fine-tuning tools, and others provide an option for backdrop replacement and effect layering.

Let’s review the process of using the Depositphotos Background Remover:

  1. Access the tool in your preferred browser.
  2. Upload, drag and drop, or paste a photo you want to edit onto the webpage.
  3. Wait for the tool to process the image automatically.
  4. Preview the cutout and make additional changes to customize the result. Depositphotos Background Remover offers adjustable editing brushes, which you can use to erase or restore image parts. 
  5. Create a free account and download an HD image to your iPhone.

Removing picture backgrounds with iPhone’s native features

You can remove the background from an image by dragging objects. This process involves several steps and interactions with different applications. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open an image in the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the foreground object and hold it for a few seconds. A white outline should appear around the object.
  3. Drag the highlighted object to any other application without lifting your finger from the screen. For example, you can add it to your Notes or messenger app.
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FAQ: Does the iPhone have an object-cutout feature for in-browser photos?

Yes, you can swiftly cut out a foreground object from a photo opened in a browser. Just tap and hold on the photo, you’ll see a “Copy Subject” option. This feature—Photo Cutout—works on Safari (iOS 16 and up) and extracts the object with a transparent background, ready to paste into other apps.

Making a transparent image background in Pages 

Another way to remove the background on your iPhone is by using the Pages application. Here are detailed instructions on how to do this:

  1. Open Pages on your iPhone.
  2. Add any image to the workspace.
  3. Tap on the image.
  4. Tap on the “Format” button.
  5. Choose “Image” → “Remove Background”.
  6. Tap “Done” to apply changes.

The background removal feature in Pages only works well with simple images where the object does not blend with the backdrop. For more complex pictures, it’s better to choose another method.

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Eliminating a photo background using mobile apps 

There are a multitude of mobile applications for background removal. Using key search terms, you can find and download them in the App Store. The general process for working with mobile applications looks like this:

  1. Enter “remove background” into the App Store search bar.
  2. Browse the available mobile applications and choose one you like most.
  3. Install the mobile application on your device and open it.
  4. Upload your image to the workspace and select the option to remove your background.
  5. Wait for the app to process your photo.
  6. Save the result to your iPhone. Additionally, some apps offer a social media sharing feature.

One great solution among mobile applications for background removal is PhotoRoom. It also provides additional features such as color filters and image cropping. However, some functionality may be part of a paid subscription.


Removing backgrounds from images is no longer a challenge, especially if you have an iPhone. You can try various methods, including native features, web tools, and mobile applications. Each method has its pros and cons. For example, mobile apps typically offer additional image editing features but may cost extra. Explore the techniques in this article and choose the most convenient options for your creative endeavors.


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