A “virus” transmitted through Bluetooth will increase the precision of COVID-19 monitoring.

US researchers have collectively created a simulated “virus” that can theoretically be used to further measure the transmission of COVID-19, and shorten the delay between individuals catching the virus and being identified.

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Named Safe Blues software, the program is a product of the joint effort of the University of Queensland, Melbourne, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. As per the reports, the app relies on Bluetooth to share “virus-like” simulated strands across mobile devices in order to imitate in real-time COVID-19 contamination spreading to the population. The Safe Blues infections are then put in comparison with the latest actual COVID-19 data using artificial intelligence.

According to the researchers, Safe Blues is a solution for estimating the results of government regulations in real-time and creating projections about the near future.

They explain that the Safe Blues strands operate as safe virtual “virus-like” tokens that react similarly to the real virus in response to social distancing directives. Machine learning techniques could then be applied to measure the actual epidemic progress based on the strand counts.

Details on the program’s protocols and technology used reveal that the software is a form of an Android app with a backend server that is similar to the already existing Apple and Google Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracking framework.

The only difference is that Safe Blues technology does not register and store data regarding users interactions and should be considered a proxy measure for aggregate physical proximity that only can support the data collected by other contact tracking frameworks.

Another software solution called CommonPass that allows for international travel resume is being trailed by Qantas. The company is testing the app on its repartition flight from Frankfurt to Darwin in an attempt to ease travelers to access their Covid-19 test results and upload them to the travel platform before their flight.

Qantas explains that the mobile app is planned to be integrated with the airline’s app and would enable travelers to also upload their Covid-19 vaccination information for future use.


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