AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus

This page aims to help you to remove AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus. We have received a lot of different comments like “what is aa.js” and what is “q.adrta.com”, and especially – “why are they on my PC, ” so we decided to analyze the situation.

What are AA.js and Q.adrta.com?

If you suddenly get bombarded with excessive pop-up ads or other type of advertisement, or undesired switch between websites, then chances are that your system has gotten AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus. The only way you can discontinue the annoying ads or random website pop-ups is to completely uninstall all of its components from your PC.

There are good ads and bad ads in the cyber space. The ones we all like and need are the ones that are real and actually beneficial. The ads that look super attractive and have the amazing images and sounds are the ones you don’t want to have in your system. These adds carry AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus and are created with the intend to steel your personal information, such as: passwords, credit card information, addresses, files, documents you have saved on your PC, etc. Once in the hands of third parties, they are used for illegal purposes, such as: identity theft, money laundering, movement of illegal organizations that aim to harm governments, economies, etc. The best way you can protect yourself is to remove immediately anything you’ve accidentally or obliviously downloaded on your PC.

No one will ever install AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus on purpose. One reason is because it is not actually considered malicious and it pretty much installs itself on its own.  You might have installed it unintentionally by simply opening a spam e-mail, or downloading an attachment a friend has sent you, or receiving an e-mail from a familiar person, but it ends up having a flashing text or no content at all. This is called ‘phishing e-mail’. Another way that your PC can get AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus is through something called ‘software bundling’.

How was the A.js/Q.adrta.com Virus installed on your computer?

Software bundling is when you install one program, or you think you’ve installed only one program, but in facts there are many other programs already installed into that one program. This happens when you use the Default installation settings.

You can prevent this practice by always selecting the Advanced and/or Manual file downloading options. It will take few more minutes of work, but your system will be protected at the end and will still generate the same result. Better be safe than sorry, as the old cliche saying goes.

In conclusion if you see ads that are offering you money–it’s probably scam. The AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus also has the ability to generate revenue from pay-per-click. This will not only lead to your banking information being stolen and misused, but also the more such ads you click on, the more they will appear. Some of them are so vulnerable that it might cause extreme slowness in your PC, glitches, misplaced files, deleting of random files that you actually need and/or ask for emergency updates on your computer against a good amount of money. On the other hand, you also need to watch out for ads and/or pop-up messages that ask/require FREE software updates because those could be as harmful or even worse than the paid ones. Just remember that there is a certain amount of ads on certain browser that is OK to have and anything excessive raises the red flag. Also, keep in mind that more often than not, Chrome is the browser carrying the AA.js/Q.adrta.com Virus and it is spread easily through it. Why? Because Chrome is the most used browser and it’s privacy and security settings are set in a way that allows it to happen. Keep the removal guide at your side at first and always. As you follow its removal instructions, follow your inner instincts and learn to quickly uninstall undesired ‘stuff’, your PC and all of your personal information will be safe.


Name AA.js/Q.adrta.com
Type  Adware/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove AA.js/Q.adrta.com

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You can find the removal guide here.

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