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Adjustable Product

Adjustable Product is an unwanted app for Mac computers that is created with the purpose of injecting ads in the search results of Safari. Adjustable Product can potentially end up causing security vulnerabilities in the system because it’s possible that not all of its ads are safe.

Adjustable Product

The Adjustable Product Mac App will display pop up ads and messages

Unfortunately, this type of software apps like Search Marquis, Search Baron (known as browser hijackers) are extremely widespread and can get installed on your Mac in different ways. Furthermore, oftentimes you won’t get a security warning that such a hijacker has been installed on the computer. The reason for this is that most hijacker apps are quite different from actual threatening form of malware like Trojans or Ransomware viruses. A hijacker’s goal is usually to promote different sites on your screen by making changes in the starting page and the search engine of your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox and causing page-redirects to those sites. In and of itself, this activity is not harmful and will not damage your system or corrupt any of the data stored on the hard-drives of your Mac. Despite that, however, it is definitely not a good idea to let an app like this hijacker freely operate inside your browser.

Adjustable Product for Mac

Adjustable Product for Mac is one recently released rogue application that gets inserted into popular Mac browsers, causing uncontrolled ad-generation and site-redirects. The idea behind Adjustable Product for Mac is to generate revenue for its creators by advertising the sites of people who pay advertising commissions.

The commissions are paid on a Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-View basis, which encourages the developers of browser hijackers like Adjustable Product to make their apps as obstructive and as aggressive as possible when it come to their ad-generation and traffic rerouting. The more ads that the hijacker puts on your screen and the more redirects it triggers inside the browser, the greater the revenue that would potentially be earned from them.

What is Adjustable Product?

Adjustable Product is an undesirable rogue app for Mac systems that will get attached to your browser and cause unwanted changes in its elements. Adjustable Product will put a new homepage in the browser and even replace the default search engine tool without asking you for permission.

On top of being unpleasant, those unwelcome changes could potentially lead to more serious issues, such as the creation of security weaknesses that could eventually get exploited by Trojan viruses or other malware threats like, for instance, Ransomware. This is why it is essential that you clean your browsers and get rid of anything that might be related to the hijacker.

The AdjustableProduct app

The AdjustableProduct app is a potentially unsafe ad-displaying tool for Safari and other Mac browsers that can introduce unwelcome change to the affected browsing program. The AdjustableProduct app must not be left to operate in the system and should be uninstalled ASAP.

If you carefully look through the next guide and follow the steps it contains, you should be able to manually remove the unpleasant browser-hijacking tool that is currently attached to your browser. In case you end up needing extra help, we recommend using the removal tool linked in the guide as it has been tested against similar undesirable apps many times and can aid you with the removal of the unpleasant Adjustable Product. 


Name Adjustable Product
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Adjustable Product App from Mac

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.


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