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Ads Loadreviews

Ads Loadreviews is a form of adware for Аndroid. It is little different from the adware (‘advertisement’ + ‘software’) we are familiar with on regular PC’s, except for its distribution method. Unlike with its computer cousins, the version that affects our smartphones and tablets does not come bundled in other programs. Instead, it comes as an integrated part of given apps, meaning you do not have the option of separating it from the program you wanted to download. Aside from that, all the numerous ads in the forms of pop-ups, banners, box ads and page redirects are still present, just like in its PC predecessors. Ads Loadreviews has been mistakenly referred to as a ‘virus’ on multiple occasions and we think it is important to make the distinction between adware and real viruses, like ransomware or Trojans. In the case of latter, we are talking about malicious pieces of programming that aim to cause damage and will probably end up doing just that, if they ever land on your device. Adware, on the other hand, won’t necessarily harm your phone or tablet. This doesn’t mean we are advocating its presence on your device – not at all. On the contrary, there’s a reason we’ve designed the below removal guide and we will explain exactly why you should make good use of it as soon as you’re done reading.

What does Ads Loadreviews do?

We all know that Ads Loadreviews distributes large amounts of annoying ads, sometimes as you’re using a given app and more so while you browse the web. These can be irritating and startling or even embarrassing at times, as they tend to sometimes be loud and come up without prior notice. The reason behind this whole colorful spectacle is the goal of getting you to tap on any of the featured ads. That is how the developers of adware make their money, based on something called the Pay per click scheme. It enables them to make a profit every time you click (or tap, in the case of touchscreen devices) on a given ad.

That being said, it’s time we shed some light on the methods they apply to create those ads. Because it’s your tap that matters, your interests become a priority and those are learned through shameless spying on you. Things like your browsing history, search queries are collected and analyzed in order to generate content, which will be directed towards you specifically. The danger in this lies in the fact that that kind of information is easily sold to third parties, which might have ill intentions as to those details. Another drawback to adware is that because of how the ads are created, they might turn out to not be real. You could find yourself looking at an attractive pair of boots with a mind boggling discount on them, and then end up somewhere else entirely after you tapped the ad to learn more about it. The problem? Well, apart from feeling completely deceived, you might also end up getting violated. Or rather, your device will be. It’s common knowledge that there can be a high risk of being redirected to some malicious website, from which you can get infected by different pieces of malware.

What should I do?

Number one on your things to do is avoid touching any of the displayed adverts. Be on the lookout for any popups, or boxes that suddenly cover your screen for as long as you have Ads Loadreviews on your device. You will save yourself a ton of trouble if you simply ignore the ads as much as possible. After you have removed the program with the help of our instructions below, you should henceforth be more cautious with the various apps your download. Even apps that are available in Google Play and come with adware, so it’s important that you do your research – at least go through the comments section – before downloading anything. Look up the program of your choice and you will be bound to find some reviews of users who have already had some experience with it. That way you will be able to find out, whether there are any undisclosed aspects to it and you will then decide if it’s worth your time and effort.


Name Loadreviews
Type Browser Hijacker

Ads Loadreviews Removal

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