If you are faced with unpleasant pop-ups, page redirects and banners that get displayed on your Android smartphone or tablet whenever you connect to the Internet, then you probably have a browser hijacker on your device that needs to be removed in order for the ads to stop. Here, we will tell you more about a piece of software named MobiDash which can be categorized as a browser hijacker – this app has been reported by a lot of users who complain about the different advertising materials generated by the pesky software as well as about certain changes to their browsing apps (Firefox, Chrome, the default browser and so on). For instance, if you have MobiDash Adware, you might see that the starting page or the default search engine that your browser typically uses have been altered, modified or outright replaced by the hijacker. Oftentimes, revoking these changes can’t be done if the browser hijacker is still active on the device. This is also one of the main reasons why it’s simply better to get rid of the cause for the aforementioned browsing disturbances instead of trying to put up with them. In the case of MobiDash Adware , if this software component has made its way into your device, then it has likely come alongside some other app or an update to an app that has been recently installed. This normally means that in order to eliminate the hijacker, you’d need to uninstall the app that carries it. Below, we will show you how to do that so make sure to visit the removal guide for MobiDash in case you need to have this hijacker uninstalled and removed from your device.

About Android hijackers

Though many people think that their device might have been infected by some nasty virus like a Ransomware or a Trojan once they start seeing the intrusive pop-ups, banners and page redirects, there’s no real reason to worry because hijackers aren’t really malicious in the sense that they won’t typically try to damage your device or mess with your virtual security. That said, it’s still better to keep such software away from your Android devices which is why we advise you to only download new apps from sources that are verified as reliable and safe. Additionally, just to be safe, it might also be a good idea to first look up new apps and see what the Internet has to say about them before you actually proceed with their installation.

Adware MobiDash Removal

If you have an Android virus, continue with the guide below.

If you have an iPhone virus, please use our iPhone Virus Removal guide.

If you have a Mac virus, please use our How to remove Ads on Mac guide.

If you have a Windows virus, please use our Windows Virus Removal guide.



Whether you use the default “Internet” App for browsing or a different browser like Chrome you need to go to:
Settings/More/Application Manager/All


Locate the Browser/App in question and tap on it.


Now the method is effectively the same for users using both “Internet” and Chrome/Other Browsers, yet for more clarity we have provided instructions for both:

For “Internet” Browser Users:

Tap the Force Stop button.


Now tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache Buttons.


For Google Chrome Users:

Click on  Force Stop.


Then click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.



Restart your Browser. It might be a good idea to Reboot your Android device, just in case.

  • Important!

If you are still seeing Ads in your browser, it is likely they are generated by the websites you visit and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, if you are seeing Adverts outside of your internet browser, then one of your installed Apps contains the problematic Adware. In this case you need to take a look at this guide.

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