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This page aims to help you remove the Agent.BTZ Virus. These Agent.BTZ Virus removal instructions work for every version of Windows.


 Agent.BTZ is a virus of the Trojan Horse type. These viruses are notorious for their wide range of malicious purposes. Another infamous Trojan feat is that they are very hard, if not impossible, to detect, until it is already too late. When the Agent.BTZ Virus gets into your system there are usually no visible symptoms. The virus might even operate without any actual signs, that your machine has been infected by it. That is why Trojan Horses are some of the most widely used by hackers and virtual criminals. Such viruses can be used in numerous ways, accomplishing great variety of tasks. Therefore, this type of virus is very common and makes up about 80% of all malicious malware.


As previously mentioned, the Agent.BTZ Virus and other Trojans can be used in more than one way. In fact they are like the swiss knife of malicious programs. Here, we will give you some general idea of the different uses of this nasty program.


One of the most common uses for viruses like the Agent.BTZ Virus is to bring destruction to your system, files, programs etc. It may format your hard-drive, delete your files or even render your whole PC unusable. Basically everything nasty you can think of. There’s no limit to the amount of mayhem that a Trojan can bring down upon your PC. That is why it is essential to protect your system the best way you can.


This is another very harmful application of a Trojan Horse. Many trojan horses can be used to steal personal data from your PC so that it can be sold later. Furthermore, your online bank account’s security may be compromised. Electronic money theft is one of the main reasons why Trojan viruses are so widely spread. Via them hackers can gain revenue by stealing money from users’ bank accounts. Add to this the fact that it is almost impossible to track down the criminal, and you can see why this type of virus is the preferred one among cyber thieves.

Use of PC’s resources

This is the third main category of possible uses of the Agent.BTZ Virus. If the nasty virus is used to exploit your PC’s resources it is likely that it will stay hidden as long as possible without revealing itself. There are several different ways that your PC my get exploited. It can be used to further spread the malicious program to other computers or it may become a part of a botnet and be forced to automatically send spam messages throughout the web. Your machine may also be used to mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, thus gaining revenue for the virus’ developer.


Trojans can also be utilized as a spying tool. If you have the Agent.BTZ Virus on your PC, it may monitor and record your keystrokes (keystroke logging), it might enable its creator to watch your screen. The virus may even make it possible for the hacker to see you through your webcam without your knowledge. This is one of the scariest aspects of Trojan Horses – their potential to spy on users. If you have any suspicions that this may be happening with your PC, shut it down and bring it to an IT specialist.

Gateway for other harmful software

On the top of all the potential harm that the Agent.BTZ Virus can bring upon your PC, there’s the possibility that it may further infect your system with more malicious programs. A common example is ransomware infection. The Trojan serves as a gateway for the ransomware and before you know it, you’ll have to deal with two of the nastiest viruses out there at once.


It should be obvious by now just how important it is to protect your machine from potential infection with the Agent.BTZ Virus. The possible harmful uses of the virus, that we mentioned, are just to give you a general idea of the range applications of such a malicious program. Keeping your system safe is a top priority. Here are some basic rules and guidelines on how to avoid landing a Trojan Horse:

Avoid suspicious websites.

Lurking into the darker corners of the web is hardly ever a good idea. It is usually one of the most common reasons for users’ computers getting infected. It’s best if you stick with well-known and trustworthy sites. That way you will significantly reduce the chances of compromising your online security.

Double-checking e-mails before opening them

Spam-emalis are one of the most common ways via which malicious software is being spread throughout the web. Being careful with letters that have suspicious titles or are sent from unknown addresses is always a good idea.

Always have a good anti-virus program

This should go without saying. A trusty and up-to-date anti-virus software can make the difference between a safe and sound system and a virus-infested one. So always keep that in mind and if you don’t currently have such a program, make sure you get one ASAP.


Name Agent.BTZ
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove Agent.BTZ Virus

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