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This article aims to help you to remove the Airtostrong.exe Virus from Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Many users ask us each day about the virus: what it is; how could they successfully protect themselves from it?; etc.,so we decided to put everything (well, we can’t fit absolutely everything in one article, but there are plenty of articles on our webpage that you can review) together black on white.

How dangerous is the the Airtostrong.exe Virus?

If you find yourself getting bombarded with exorbitant pop-up ads or other type of advertisements, or unwanted hopping between webpages, then it is very likely that your system has gotten the malware. The only way you can discontinue the aimless showing of ads or webpages that continue to open and open without you even touching the keyboard, is to completely uninstall the virus from your PC.

There are likable and dis-likable ads in the cyber space. The ones we all love and look at with curiosity are the ones that are real and actually beneficial. The ads that look glamorous and have the astonishing images and attractive sounds are the ones you don’t want to have in your computer because they carry the Airtostrong.exe Virus . They are invented with the intend to steel your personal information. This will include passwords, credit card information, addresses, files, documents and other important things, including photos that you have saved on your PC, to name just a handful of them. Once in the grip of the “computer geniuses”, they are only being used for illegal works, such as: identity theft and money laundering, which are two of the most popular illegal activities within the cyber world. It is best if you are informed on how to immediately remove anything you’ve accidentally or obliviously loaded on your device and  re-scan it to be sure that it’s all clear.

No user will ever install the Airtostrong.exe Virus on purpose. The main reason for that is because it is not actually considered dangerous and it pretty much builds itself in on its own.  You might have “planted” it accidentally by opening a spam e-mail, or downloading an attachment one of your contacts from your address book has sent you, but it ends up having a flashing text or no content at all. This is called ‘phishing e-mail’. Another way that your PC can get the Airtostrong.exe Virus is through ‘software bundling’.

How was the the Airtostrong.exe Virus installed on your computer?

Software bundling is when you download one program, or you believe that you have downloaded one program only, but the truth is that there are many other files that are hidden into that one program. This happens when you use the default build-in settings.

You can change this by always selecting the advanced downloading options. It will take few extra minutes out of your time, but your system will be protected and you will fee calm and secure. The results will be the same.

The Airtostrong.exe Virus also has the ability, believe it or not, to generate revenue before you have even clicked on the ad. This will not only lead to your financial information being jeopardized, but the longer you keep looking at such ads, the more of them your system will get infected with and it will be very hard to stop them all at once. Most likely you will notice and realize that there is a virus present by seeing the following things happening with your PC: slowness of work, glitches, bugs, and other weird things.

Just keep in mind that there is a NORMAL amount of advertisements that a certain webpage will show you. Anything that comes in too much is never good.  Also, strive to remember that Chrome is the browser carrying the Airtostrong.exe Virus and it is spread easily through it. Chrome is simply the most  frequently used browser, which makes it a very  desirable target for any hacker.

As you follow its removal instructions and your inner instincts, everything will be fine.


Name Airtostrong.exe (a process, part of a larger infection)
Type  Adware/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool


Airtostrong.exe Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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