Alert Booster Club

Alert Booster Club

Alert Booster Club is a browser hijacker that is aimed particularly at Apple smart device users. Namely, Alert Booster Club integrates with the Safari, Chrome or other browser you use on your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Alert Booster Club

Alert Booster Club will create events in your calendar

As a result, the regular homepage you may have been used to seeing in your browser will have likely been changed. And the same may also apply to the default search engine that you had set. However, the most irritating effect that a browser hijacker like Alert Booster Club may have on your browsing experience is the numerous online ads it generates. Popups, banners, links and other colorful and distracting advertising materials can be bombarding you from every angle. And coupled with the page redirects that often go hand in hand with the presence of applications like this, anyone can become very frustrated, very fast.

That is why we have put together a detailed removal guide to show you how you can quickly and effectively remove Alert Booster Club once and for all. Once this hijacker is gone, all the unwanted ads will disappear and you will be able to reset your browser configurations to their previous state.

Despite all the intrusiveness, though, don’t make the mistake of confusing Alert Booster Club with a virus. Browser hijackers are most certainly not malicious and shouldn’t be placed in the same ranks as actual viruses such as ransomware and Trojans. But they do have the potential of making your device more vulnerable to external threats, so beware when interacting with any of their sponsored content.


Name Alert Booster Club
Type Browser Hijacker

Alert Booster Club Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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