Alert Cleaner Club

Alert Cleaner Club

Alert Cleaner Club is a potentially unwanted application (a PUA for short) that attaches itself to the browsers of iOS devices and fills them with ads. To generate more ads, Alert Cleaner Club could make changes in the affected Safari or Chrome browser without needing the approval of the user.

Alert Cleaner Club

Alert Cleaner Club will create events in your calendar

With Alert Cleaner Club in your iPhone, you can expect a sudden generation of obtrusive pop-ups on the device’s screen. Those pop-ups will usually remain on the screen until you tap on them. Tapping on such pop-ups, however, is inadvisable, because you cannot know what sites they may page-redirect you to.

Other possible symptoms related to Alert Cleaner Club are changes in the search engine used by default by your browser as well as a replacement of the homepage of the browser. Those changes, too, as part of the unwanted app’s agenda to advertise the products, services, and sites of its sponsors on your screen in order to generate income for its creators.

Alert Cleaner Club is not a virus, nor is it a Trojan horse or Ransomware infection, so there is no reason to get panicked if you notice that this app is spamming your screen with advertisements. However, that certainly doesn’t mean it is a good idea to keep this browser-hijacking app in your device. Even though it isn’t harmful in and of itself, its unwelcome and unauthorized changes in your Safari (or other) browser might lead to the creation of weaknesses that real malware threats could exploit. In addition, Alert Cleaner Club doesn’t offer you anything that can be helpful to you and is simply being obstructive with its ads and page redirects in the browser. It is, therefore, best if you quickly find a way to get this hijacker uninstalled so it no longer messes with your browser’s settings. If you have already tried to remove this app without success, we advise you to try out our removal guide that you will find right below.


Name Alert Cleaner Club
Type Browser Hijacker

Alert Cleaner Club Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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