is an undesirable software element that can get installed in iOS devices with the help of another app. targets the browser of the device it’s installed on, seeking to modify its settings and then generate ads and page redirects from it.

The will spam your calendar with fake events.

Some of the changes that might occur in your Safari browser if get added to it are replacements of browser elements such as the search engine that the browser uses by default and the addresses of the new-tab page and the homepage. Each of those changes is introduced in order to push the overall agenda of, which is to generate money through different forms of advertisements. Apps like are mainly designed for spamming the users’ devices with intrusive ads, pop-ups, banners, page-redirects to unpopular sites, and so on. Each user that taps on the displayed ads inadvertently increases the overall amount of money generated by the advertising app.

In most cases, the activities of the browser-hijacking app and the changes it makes in the browser do not benefit the user in any way and only obstruct their regular browsing experience. What is even worse about such browser hijackers, however, is the fact that, with their ads, they could potentially expose your smartphone or tablet to all kinds of online dangers, including phishing sites, pirated downloads, misleading offers, and even malware threats like Trojans, Ransomware, or Spyware. There really is no need to keep such an app on your iPhone and that is why we will offer you a hand with the uninstallation of It is likely that this hijacker has gotten installed in your device alongside another app, by being added to it as a built-in element, so it might be difficult to find the application to which is attached. However, if you follow the steps from the guide and use your common sense, you shouldn’t have trouble removing the undesirable browser hijacker.


Type Browser Hijacker

Remove Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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