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If a program called Android Antivirus Center has recently become part of your Android system, you may notice that the screen of your smartphone or tablet frequently becomes covered with nagging blinking messages, pop-ups and ads. These ads usually don’t want to go away despite all of your attempts to close them down by clicking on the “X” button. What is more, you may often get redirected to web locations that you never wanted to visit and your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) may undergo some changes in its homepage or search engine and, as a result may become unresponsive to your real search queries. This is a typical browser hijacking activity and if you are trying to save your device from it, make sure you read the next lines. There you will find some useful information about this software as well as some detailed instructions on how to safely uninstall it and remove all the nagging ads.

How harmful can Android Antivirus Center be?

Having in mind their invasive behavior, it is not surprising why so many people question the safety of programs like Android Antivirus Center and even take them for some kind of nasty viruses. These browser hijacking pieces of software can be very irritating and can really cause serious disturbance in the way the people use their browsing app. But unlike real computer viruses and threats like Ransomware and Trojans, a browser hijacker has no intention to cause any harm to your smartphone or tablet. The only thing a program like Android Antivirus Center wants is to get you exposed to numerous ads and make you click on them. Your clicks are the ones, which have value and generate income for the hijacker owners who often use methods like Pay-Per-Click or some paid advertisements positioning to monetize them.

You as a user, however, can hardly get any benefit from keeping software like Android Antivirus Center on your device. In most of the cases, if you don’t remove it, you will have to endure a constant stream of different pop-ups, new tabs, advertising pages and blinking boxes all over the screen. Clicking on some well camouflaged malicious transmitter (such as misleading link, a fake ad or infected website) is also not excluded and may eventually lead to the contamination of your Android system with some really nasty virus or some other infection. In all the cases such risk is not worth it, that’s why we normally advise our readers to remove the browser hijacker by using the instructions, shown below, even if it is not considered as a big threat.

How to safely uninstall Android Antivirus Center from your Android system

Uninstalling Android Antivirus Center is not that complicated, but it requires your attention. The steps below are detailed enough to help you rid your system of it without any trouble and all you need to do is to repeat them.

Android Antivirus Center Popup Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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