Animixplay Virus

The Animixplay Virus

Animixplay is a website where you can watch anime for free. While Animaxplay is not a virus it is often related to unsafe advertisements and can be a conduit to a possible virus like a browser hijacker. A browser hijacker is a simple page-redirecting tool that will get added to your main browser upon installation, resulting in the uncontrolled generation of web ads. Animixplay will also occasionally send your browser to sites that it tries to promote in order to gain Pay-Per-View revenue.

Animixplay Virus
The Animixplay Virus may ask you to click on different links and pages which may be totally unfamiliar to you

If you came on this page because you found an application in your system that you identified as a browser hijacker, then here we will tell you everything you need to know about these applications and will also show you how to cope with them. In fact, in the next lines, we will speak about one specific representative of this group called Animixplay which could be the potential source of the ads, banners, pop-ups, and automatic page redirects that you might have been experiencing lately. Just like most browser hijackers, this app can place some changes to your main browser (the browser could be Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or another one) and install a new homepage, a new search engine, a toolbar, or some buttons which automatically redirect to pre-defined web pages full of aggressive commercial content. Fortunately, these changes can’t really harm your computer or cause other serious issues like in the ways that real viruses, Trojans or Ransomware infections could. However, no matter what you do, you may not be able to remove the changes made by the hijacker as long as Animixplay operates in your system. On top of that, your normal web browsing may get heavily disturbed by the constant stream of ads, pop-up messages, banners, and redirects which may interrupt your surfing when you least expect it. Not to mention the annoying click prompts which may ask you to click on different links and pages which may be totally unfamiliar to you. All in all, dealing with a browser hijacker may not be the most pleasant experience even if this software does not pose a direct danger to your computer. That’s why, in the removal guide we’ve shared below, we will show you how to safely and quickly detect and remove the application that is responsible for your web disturbance and how to uninstall all the changes that might have been imposed on you without your approval. But before proceeding, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the real nature of this software and the potential issues that it may cause.

The virus is not a virus. is a website where you can watch a variety of animes. However, could potentially be connected to virus infections like browser hijackers, adware, or even worse malware. Browser hijackers such as the virus are basically a kind of online marketing tool. The main goal of the Virus is to generate and display a large number of online advertising materials within the main browser in order to promote some sponsored products, services, and websites.

The search engines, URLs, and toolbars they install are typically set to display certain links and pop-up prompts which try to redirect you to the websites you need to visit. This is how the hijackers do their advertising job and generate revenue for their owners on a pay-per-click basis. Animixplay and Poshukach are not an exception. They also start seeking to expose you to as many paid commercials and sponsored links as possible from the very moment you open your browser. In order to customize its ads, the application may also monitor your browsing history, web search terms, and other traffic data and try to display ads that you are more likely to click on, based on your interests. Clicking on every random pop-up message, however, is a huge risk because, sometimes, malicious ads, fake messages and misleading links may also get displayed and may redirect you to real security hazards, such as Trojans or Ransomware. If you uninstall the hijacker, however, this can remove all the random ads and eliminate the risk of getting exposed to nasty malware.


Type Browser Hijacker
Danger LevelMedium (nowhere near threats like Ransomware, but still a security risk)
Symptoms You may experience constant page redirects to different sponsored pages and some browser changes.
Distribution MethodSpam, ads, free software bundles, torrents, automatic installers and updates, shareware platforms. 
Detection Tool

Remove Animixplay Virus

  1. To remove Animixplay Virus, first, check Apps & Features for suspicious installs and delete anything potentially unwanted.
  2. Quit any Animixplay Virus processes in the Task Manager.
  3. Finally, clean the system Registry, the Task Scheduler, and the Startup items list, and also remove the remaining Animixplay Virus files.

To get a better understanding of how each of these steps needs to be completed, we recommend reading the remainder of this post.

How to Remove Animixplay Virus

1 – Uninstall unwanted programs

Search for Apps & Features in the Start Menu, open the Apps & Features window, and scroll down to the programs installed on your PC. If you notice a program that looks related to Animixplay Virus or simply a program that you don’t recognize and don’t need in your system, click on its name, then click Uninstall, and follow the removal prompts. While performing the program’s removal, pay close attention to the uninstallation settings – be sure that you opt out of any removal settings that would allow any parts/settings of that program to remain stored on your PC.

1 1

2 – Checking for rogue processes

In some cases, even if you’ve managed to remove the hijacker’s program, some rogue processes may still be running in your system. To get rid of them too, go to the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), then scroll through the items shown in the Processes tab, and see if anything there looks connected to Animixplay Virus. It may help if you sort the items in that list by Memory or CPU consumption – the Animixplay Virus process is likely to require quite a bit of both resources. If you notice a questionable process, first Google its name and see what comes up. If, for example, there are any reports on reputable security sites that claim the process in question is potentially unwanted/rogue, you will most likely need to stop it in your Task Manager.

Another thing we recommend doing is right-clicking the questionable process, going to its File Location Folder, and scanning all files located there with this next online malware scanner.

Each file will be scanned with up to 64 antivirus programs to ensure maximum accuracy
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    2 1 1024x657

    If one or more of the scanned files are flagged as threats, then you’d know to quit the related process and delete the entire file location folder.

    3 1 1024x657

    3 – Safe Mode

    It’s generally a good practice to put your computer in Safe Mode when troubleshooting any sort of software issue, including when you are trying to delete a browser hijacker like Animixplay Virus. Therefore, before you continue, we strongly recommend booting your computer in Safe Mode.

    4 – Cleaning system settings

    Hijackers and other PUPs often tend to make a variety of changes in the system that may have unpleasant effects long after the main unwanted software has been deleted. Here are the main settings sections that you need to check and clean from Animixplay Virus entries:

    Regedit.exe – Select Yes when your Admin confirmation is required and then click Edit > Find in the Registry Editor window. Type Animixplay Virus in the search bar and then click Find Next to see if there are any related items in the Registry. If you get a search result, delete the item, then search again to see if another one gets found. Do this until Animixplay Virus results stop appearing. After that, check the next three locations in the left panel of the Editor (expand the different folders to navigate to these locations).

    4 1
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Random Directory. 
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main

    In each of them, look for registry keys that have long, randomized names – something like this “032u9rf039j039ig092ud903ut” for instance. Tell us about any such entries you may find by writing us a comment below, and we will let you know if the entries in question must be erased.

    Services.msc – In Services, search for service items with unusual names and unusual descriptions (or no descriptions at all). Also, look for anything that is named Animixplay Virus or similar. If you come across any questionable services, right-click them, open Properties, change the Startup type to Disabled, and save the changes.

    5 1 1024x606
    6 1

    Task Scheduler – Click Task Scheduler Library (upper-left corner), then find any tasks that could be set to launch Animixplay Virus processes and delete them by selecting them and pressing Del/Delete from your keyboard.

    7 1 1024x307

    Msconfig – Check the Startup tab in the System Configuration (msconfig) window, and click on Open Task Manager if you see such a button there. Then look at the listed startup apps – if anything looks like Animixplay Virus, disable it. Also, we recommend disabling any other startup items that seem unnecessary/unwanted.

    8 1 1024x654

    5 – Deleting remaining Animixplay Virus data

    There are a couple of folders on every Windows PC where unwanted software such as Animixplay Virus is likely to leave behind some files. We recommend deleting those files to make sure that the browser hijacker is truly gone from your computer. First, however, be sure to make the hidden files on your PC visible in the following way:

    Type Folder Options in the Start Menu search bar, then open the first item that appears and select its View section. There, you need to scroll down a bit, find an option labeled Show hidden files, folders, and drives, check that option and click OK.

    Now, here are the five folders that you must go to and clean from unwanted Animixplay Virus files:

    • %AppData%
    • %LocalAppData%
    • %ProgramData%
    • %WinDir%
    • %Temp%
    9 1

    One by one, type their names in the Start Menu search (together with the “%” characters) and then open each folder. In those folders, sort the items located there by date and delete everything created since the first time you started noticing unusual behavior in your browser. Once you are in the Temp folder, simply press Ctrl + A and then press Del to delete all items located in that folder.

    10 1

    6 – Clean your browser

    Depending on what browser you are using at the moment, the way to clean it might differ a little, but it should generally be very similar.

    First, go to the browser’s menu and click Settings. Type Search Engine in the settings search bar, open the settings section that corresponds to the browser’s default search engine, and set the default search engine to one that you prefer (in case it has been changed without your permission).

    11 1 1024x547

    Next, type Permissions/Site permissions in the settings search bar, and check the different types of permissions in your browser to see if any unusual and questionable sites have those permissions. Pay special attention to sites that are permitted to show notifications in the browser. In general, we recommend revoking notification permissions given to any sites except ones you trust and want to keep you notified.

    22 1024x642

    Finally, search for Clear browsing data, select the first setting that shows up and delete all types of temporary browser data except your saved passwords.

    33 1024x291

    The screenshots provided above are from the Microsoft Edge browser but should apply to most other browsers as well. If you have any questions about a specific browser, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below.

    7 – Use specialized software

    If you are still experiencing browser issues related to Animixplay Virus, we recommend that you try using the professional anti-malware tool that you can find posted on the current page. This app will allow you to clean your system from any unwanted apps or programs, including Animixplay Virus, and will also help you keep such software away from your PC in the future. Furthermore, it can also protect you against more serious types of malware, including Trojan Horse threats and Ransomware crypto viruses.

    Is Animixplay a virus?

    Animixplay is not a virus in itself. However, it could potentially be the reason for a computer virus infection in the browser hijacking mold.
    A browser hijacker variant is a form of computer virus that introduces changes to the browser it gets attached to without the user’s informed permission. A browser hijacker is regarded as unwanted software because the changes it makes can interrupt one’s browsing experience and also lead to security risks.

    Is Animixplay virus free?

    Animixplay is for the most part virus free. But you could potentially still get a virus if you click on questionable ads and especially if you download apps from such ads. You will most likely deal with a browser hijacker/adware. In and of themselves, apps of this type rarely posses the ability or have the goal of actually harming anything on the computer that they are installed on. Despite this, it is still crucial that you make sure that your browsers and system become hijacker-free.

    Can Animixplay give you a virus?

    While Animixplay is considered a relatively safe website it could potentially give you a computer virus like a browser hijacker or adware.
    These types of threats are mainly used for spreading online ads and thus popularizing different websites. Because of this, most browser hijackers tend to be particularly irritating, constantly nagging you to click on a certain advert and/or visit a certain website.


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