Apple iPad Pro Review

iPad Pro 2020

A brand new version of the Apple’s top iPad Pro is now available for 2020, but is that the one you should buy? Let’s find out!

iPad Pro 2020

Apple iPad Pro 2020


  • Impressive screen
  • Easy to use software
  • App store full of tablet-specific apps
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Performs well both for work and play


  • Accessories ad up to the total cost
  • LiDAR sensor has limited functionality
  • Rather costly priced compared to competitor offerings


Since its introduction, the iPad Pro has governed the tablet market. The 2020 iPad Pro is a small update, but it still leaves its competitors way behind.

iPad Pro 2020

iPad Pro 2020 front view

In this review, we will take a look at the 11-inch iPad Pro. Screen-size is the only difference to the 12.9-inch edition. The larger model is probably better for artists and anyone seriously willing to work on the iPad, but the 11-inch version may feel better  to watch  videos on the bed, or to be used in general around the home.

In terms of size, the iPad Pro is 5,9 mm slim and weights 471 grams, so resting it on your lap won’t feel like a brick.The back is flat and smooth. On the sides you will find the quad microphones, the USB Type-C charging port and three keys. It is finished in grey color and the look is stylish.

The edges feel smooth and don’t dig into your hands if you have to hold the iPad for some time. The matte finished metal body does not leave many fingerprints and the thin 6 mm bezels are the right size to hold the tablet anywhere without touching the screen by chance.

The bump on the back fits the dual-lens camera which does not stick too far from the surface. The selfie camera is neatly hidden in the thin screen bezels and the buttons on the sides are practically flat.

A Face Unlock problem sometimes occurs, though. The sensor is mounted in the thin bezels which can be covered up when the tablet is kept in the landscape. It is not unusual also to sleep the tablet by pressing the button accidentally. You may also have to  adjust your grip to ensure that cameras are functioning if you use Face Unlock to shop. Fortunately, the camera’s location is indicated by an arrow on the screen. Sadly, the 2020 iPadPro has no 3.5 mm headphone jack, as with the 2018 model.


The Liquid Retina IPS Screen of the iPad Pro is 11″ and has a 2388 x 1668 pixel resolution, 120 Hz ProMotion technology and 600 nits of brightness. Thanks to its wonderfully calibrated display as well as the variety of available media apps, the iPad Pro is ideal video partner.

The higher-than-1080p quality is superior even though the iPad Pro does not display 4K video. Colors are perfectly harmonic — vibrant, bright and dynamic, but never too saturated. Of course, the quality differs with the video material itself, but it looks fantastic if it is professionally filmed.

The ProMotion 120Hz screen is one of the most impressive things about the iPad Pro 2020. There is no blur, which allows for much more pleasurable experience from swiping menus to searching the web and playing games. This is a great addition to this impressive set.

A downside that should be mentioned is that the screen glass gets greasy very easy and does not cleans well even with special wipes. Also, you have to basically hold or prop the tablet against things to view video for longer periods of time if you don’t purchase a case or stand for it. The compatibility of video files, particularly from external drives, can be spotty as well.

Productivity and software

The OS that comes with the iPad Pro 2020 is iPadOS 13.4. This version offers some improvements that bring the tablet closer to becoming a laptop alternative. Used normally, it feels like the iOS it is based on, with slide-up Dock menus and other twists, better suited for the larger screen. A bonus is that the app store has lots of tablet-optimized applications that you can choose from.

The multi-tasking feature offers two ways to use multiple apps. The first is a Split View, which displays two applications on the screen or, in certain situations, two views of the same app. Once you learn how to tap and swipe, it is simple, but not all applications work with Split View. Moreover, it is easy to exit the app if you are too fast with a swipe to bring the Dock in.

Slide Over is the alternative of the Split View that floats other application windows over a main full-screen app. You can open many windows simultaneously and use a view from Exposé to swap between them.

The new iOS version also offers USB device management. The iPad has one USB Type-C-connector  into which a USB Type-A sockets and an SD card reader can be connected.  Keep in mind tough that multi ports can pull a large amount of power from the tablet and drain the battery faster if they are left working.

The iPad’s on-screen keyboard is sized correctly and allows for a fast typewriting. Also, the auto-correction feature steps in when typos happen. For better productivity, the tablet can be paired with the new Magic Keyboard with trackpad and a case or a stand that angles it toward you for more comfort.  

Again, the 11-inch model is better suited in your hand and is perfect for bed reading compared to the 12.9-inch tablet. The iPad Pro 2020 can also play gorgeous video and is suitable for a range of short emails and simple activities, which you can watch or read later.


The back of the iPad Pro 2020 has a dual camera, and that is one of the most important hardware updates compared with previous models. The main lens is a sensor of 12 megapixels  with an f/1.8 aperture. The other lens is a wide-angle lens of 10 megapixels. Other features that come with the dual camera are the Smart HDR, 4K video recording and five microphones. Moreover, the iPad Pro is equipped with a lidar sensor that currently has limited functionality for measuring distances. The front camera is a 7-megapixel TrueDepth with Face Unlock function.

The tablet can take decent photos but, of course, you can’t expect it to match the iPhone 11 Pro or equally high-performance smartphones. The balance of color is satisfying with natural blue skies, and strong detail in close-up pictures. Due to its 11 inches, however, the tablet is probably too large to use daily for taking pictures as you would normally use your phone.


The iPad Pro battery lasts about five days with a moderate use of up to two hours a day. It about two and a half hours to reach 100% with the included 18-watt charger. Of course, how quickly your battery drops depends entirely on what you do with the tablet. Video and playing games, naturally, takes a lot of power, with at least 35 percent of the power consumed by two and a half hours.

The charging port is a USB Type-C connector, which means that the iPhone Lightning cable won’t work with it. The charging cable that comes with the tablet has USB Type-C connector at both ends, not a USB Type-A and, thus, you may need to carry multiple chargers or invest in a single new charging block.

Price, warranty and availability

The iPad Pro which we have reviewed here is the 128 GB internal storage 11-inch version. It currently sells at 800 dollars. If you want a 12-9-inch screen for the same version, it costs 1,000 dollars. Selected additional memory and accessories such as keyboard and case or a stand increases the total cost.

Apple offers you a 1 year guarantee on product defects and manufacturing failures. You can purchase an extended AppleCare warranty which often includes the unintended harm and the battery. The iPad Pro 2020 can be found in Apples’ own online store and retailers such as Best Buy, as well as cellular contract providers.

Final words

The Apple iPad Pro 2020 is a tablet that can pass the criteria of being worth it despite the fact that it is rather costly. Currently, it is the best tablet version that can be bought on the market in terms of configuration, built and functionality and if you are looking for a versatile and durable tablet device, this one will be a great choice that will not disappoint.


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