Apple Locks Looted iPhones

Apple Locks Looted iPhones and Tracks Thieves

As the unrest across the United States continues and violence is still very much ablaze in most of the country, it’s no surprise that looting and vandalism were very quick to follow.

And like many other luxury brands, Apple suffered the consequences of violent protests, as well. Several stores were broken into and looted, most notably Apple’s shop in cities like Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This led to the company deciding to close down a long list of its physical stores until it is safe again to reopen them.

However, as a result of the riots, much of the merchandise in the destroyed Apple stores was stolen. And this is why Apple has now announced loud and clear that they will track down the stolen iPhones. So thieves, beware.

In addition, the company has started locking the iPhones that have gone missing from its shops, rendering the devices unusable. A spokesperson for the tech giant confirmed that these measures were being implemented for demonstration models that were showcased for customers to familiarize themselves with before buying the actual products.

However, the company didn’t specify whether these measures were also applied to the regular smartphones that were in stock in the looted retail outlets. And there was also no information regarding whether or not these security measures were used on other devices like iPads and Macs.

The issue became known to the public when images of one such locked iPhone were posted online. The text on the screen of the device said the smartphone had been disabled and was tracked, as well as that the authorities would be notified. The message even mentioned the exact store location to which the iPhone was to be returned.


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