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Archive Idea

Archive Idea is a piece of advertising software that gets installed on Mac computers to redirect traffic from the main browser to sites needing promotion and more exposure. Archive Idea is presented as an add-on to the end users but is generally considered to be a browser hijacker that imposes its own settings to a browser.

Archive Idea

The Archive Idea Mac App

Such software typically does little to benefit the users and focuses mainly on redirecting user searches to sponsored URLs and spamming the Mac screen with paid ads, pop-ups, and banners. That’s why, on this page, we will assist you in uninstalling Archive Idea from your system and safely removing the changes it has imposed on your Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser.

As a typical browser hijacker, Archive Idea has probably replaced your favorite search engine with a new one and has modified your homepage which now opens a sponsored domain. The purpose of these newly imposed components is to increase the possibility of ad generation and page redirection for the affected user. Fortunately, these browser changes are not disruptive, but they can be very frustrating and inconvenient for most users as they usually interrupt the users’ normal web browsing experience rather than enhance it. Down below, however, you will figure out how to remove them.

Archive Idea for Mac

Archive Idea for Mac is a non-malicious browser application created to support and promote various websites by automatically redirecting user searches to them. Archive Idea for Mac is distributed as a browser add-on and typically gets installed through a program bundle.

Many people do not like applications like Archive Idea and seek for ways to remove them from their Mac device with good reason. The activities of such apps can be especially irritating for users as they will often encounter automated page-redirects and link reroutes to sites that they did not intend to visit. Another quite frustrating thing could be the constant generation of random ads that are located right on top of the screen or just above the navigation buttons of a certain page. Apart from being placed in a way that you can’t ignore them, those ads, pop-up windows, banners, and links might potentially expose you to some danger if you click on them. For instance, you could never know what is behind them – this might be a phishing platform or a website used by hackers for the distribution of Trojan horse viruses, Ransomware, and other malware.

What is Archive Idea?

Archive Idea is a browser hijacker program for Mac that takes over the user’s browser configurations and alters them to produce advertisements and redirects to sponsored websites. Archive Idea can be installed on the computer with the help of program bundles, spam email attachments, and click-bait ads.

To prevent contaminating your Mac with such software in the future, we suggest that you download new apps only from the app store or from reliable software developers and avoid interaction with spam-like messages.

The Archive Idea app

The Archive Idea app is a form of unwanted applications that can display unregulated advertisements and page redirects on a Mac browser. The Archive Idea app is not a virus, but it can compromise the safety of your system by making unauthorized browser changes.

To avoid a close encounter with security hazards, viruses, and malware such as Ransomware, Trojans, and Spyware, we suggest that you avoid clicking on the pop-up ads, banners and redirect links that Archive Idea displays and use the instructions below to uninstall the hijacker.


Name Archive Idea
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Archive Idea App

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