Aria-body Malware


If you have recently spotted a malicious piece of software named Aria-body inside your computer, you must know how to remove it in the quickest and safest way possible, or else this malware may lead to all sorts of unpleasant consequences. Trojans are some of the worst forms of computer malware, and Aria-body is one of the newest, and most advanced representatives of its respective malware family.


The Aria-body Malware detected by multiple antivirus software

Here, we will try to help you with its removal, and we will also share with you some important information about the nature of the Trojan Horses, their abilities, and distribution methods. We strongly advise you to read everything that the following article has to offer so as to obtain a basic understanding of the characteristics of the malware you are currently faced with.

What are the Trojans used for?

Most viruses of the Trojan Horse family have significant versatility in their abilities, and can be used for the completion of different tasks.

One example is when a Trojan is used to spy on their victims and obtain sensitive data about their lives. The malware may be tasked with finding out what the usernames, and passwords of the user are, spying on their online conversations, or even obtaining their banking numbers. Needles to say, such information, when placed in the wrong hands, could be used in all sorts of harmful ways – blackmailing, personal harassment, banking frauds, and more.

Another even more common example of how a Trojan the likes of Aria-body can be used by its creators is when the virus’s goal is to take over the computer, and force it to carry out different tasks. Usually, in such cases, there is a whole botnet of machines that have been infected by the same Trojan Horse, and all of them are given the same task – it could be cryptocurrency mining activities, the distribution of more malware via automated spam letters, the conducting of Denial of Service attacks targeted at big and popular sites, and more. In those instances, there would usually be no harm caused to the computer, but due to the excessive use of system resources, which are required to carry out the Trojan’s processes, the infected machine would likely become so slow that it would be pretty much unusable.

The third example of how a virus like Aria-body could be used, that we are going to give here, is when such a malware piece is utilized as a backdoor tool. Backdoor viruses have one main task – to secretly download some other malware threat into the targeted system. Trojans do that very well, and are therefore oftentimes used to spread Ransomware cryptoviruses. And if the Trojan also has Rootkit abilities, it may also “silence” or “block” your antivirus program, and thus prevent it from detecting the malicious activities that are being carried out in the system.

Removing Aria-body – we can help you!

It is very important to waste no time in case you spot a Trojan in your computer. A good place to start the process of eliminating the threat would be the guide you are about to read below – its instructions, as well as the added professional anti-malware tool should be enough to aid you in the successful elimination of Aria-body.


Name Aria-body
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove Aria-body Malware

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You can find the removal guide here.


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