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BasicDesktop is a Mac-compatible application that security professionals find to be unwanted because it hijacks the browser’s settings and initiates automatic redirects to random pages. BasicDesktop can typically change the search engine or the homepage of any Mac browser and spam the screen with hard-to-remove banners and pop-up ads.


The BasicDesktop app is on Mac.

Usually, the best thing that users can do if they detect software like BasicDesktop, Typical Fraction or Search Marquis in their Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any other browser is to remove it. This is the advisable course of action although most browser hijackers are not created to damage your computer. If you keep such ad-generating and page-redirecting applications on your Mac, however, you may start to experience some rather irritating activities and unwanted modifications. For instance, if BasicDesktop is not uninstalled from your system, it may automatically replace your favorite search engine or the homepage domain with some new ones that you have not approved. This program may also install some unnecessary toolbars, redirect buttons and browser components which not only may clutter the appearance of the browser but also may potentially become weak spots for some real malware (a Trojan, Ransomware or some other virus) to exploit. 

BasicDesktop for Mac

BasicDesktop for Mac is an aggressive app that makes changes to Mac browsers and floods their screen with various ads, redirect prompts and banners. Experts identify BasicDesktop for Mac as a browser hijacker and suggest that users uninstall it in order to regain control of their web browser.

A common activity that many browser hijackers are tasked with is monitoring your recent browsing history. In this way, the programs can collect data about your browsing habits and interests and then use this information for the purpose of a targeted ad generation. Nearly all browser hijacker applications receive money based on how many clicks and page views they get on the ads and the websites they display on the screen. A lot of hijackers are programmed to customize their ads according to the information collected from the hijacked browsers. Through this process, the advertised content will hopefully be more attractive to the individual user, increasing their chances of clicking or visiting the hijacker’s advertisements and promotional pages.

What is BasicDesktop?

BasicDesktop is a page-redirect program that aims to expose web users to sponsored advertisements or redirect them to promotional pages during their web browsing sessions. BasicDesktop is unlikely to damage the Mac machine but it could lead to potential problems with your its safety.

The risk of an automatic redirect to unsafe web addresses that could contain viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, and other dangerous or illegal programs is one of the main issues that security experts face with these applications.

The BasicDesktop app

The BasicDesktop app is an undesirable piece of software created specifically to expose users to various kinds of online advertisements. The BasicDesktop app could potentially compromise your Mac security by making unwanted changes to its settings and promoting questionable content on its screen.

We recommend that you make sure to uninstall BasicDesktop with the help of the instructions below if you don’t want to get your device infected by Ransomware, Trojans or other dangerous viruses. If you need additional help, the professional removal tool on this page can assist you to automatically uninstall the undesired program without losing time in completing manual steps.


Name BasicDesktop
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

BasicDesktop Removal from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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