Virus is a classic representative of the class of software known as browser hijackers. is specifically aimed at integrating with popular Windows-compatible browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

The virus will redirect your browser to display pop up ads and messages.


Once Bestdealfor10 embeds itself in your main browsing program, it will begin to noticeably alter its appearance and also its behavior. For example, after Bestdealfor10 has already taken over your Chrome or Firefox, you may begin to experience sudden page redirects to various web locations, right in the middle of your browsing session. This may occur in the same tab, or your browser may spontaneously just open a new one, maybe even a new window.

Similarly, you may start seeing a lot more popup windows during your sessions online, as well as banners, box messages and various other types of online advertising materials. This is also a direct consequence of’s presence in your system. Furthermore, this hijacker might even take the liberty of replacing your browser homepage with some new URL, and it might substitute the default search engine with a different one, often also making it the only search engine you can use.

All of this is quite annoying and serves one purpose only: profit. More specifically, the developers of software like profit from the display of paid ads on your screen, more so even from the clicks those paid ads get. You’ve probably heard of popular remuneration models such as Pay Per Click or Pay Per View, and it is exactly around such systems that software products like revolve around. That is why it is often nearly impossible to avoid clicking on some screen-wide banner that’s plastered across half the screen, or a popup that appear just as you’re about to click somewhere else.

The Virus

The good news, however, is that is not a malicious program or a virus and it doesn’t aim to in any way compromise your computer. But because it doesn’t really offer any functionality that may somehow benefit the end user, experts tend to categorize such software as potentially unwanted.

Of course, there are also other reasons for this. Such is, for example, the fact that this browser hijacker most probably ended up on your PC without your knowledge. That is by definition what makes this software unwanted. On the other hand, there can be certain problems that’s long-term presence in your system may lead to. For instance, your computer may become sluggish, the programs may take ages to load, your browser may begin to freeze up and crash, and so on.

In addition, browser hijackers are to some extent associated with viruses in that they may expose you to unsafe web locations. And that, in turn, could lead to you potentially being attacked by dangerous malicious code such as Trojans, ransomware and others.

For this reason we would recommend simply removing from your system, so you don’t have to always be worried that something bad may happen. And you can do that with the help of the removal guide we’ve included below.


Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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