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This page aims to help you remove “Better History”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

One of the most annoying and irritating things that can happen to your browser is for it to get hijacker by a browser hijacker app such as “Better History”. On the surface, a typical hijacker might appear like a regular extension or add-on for your Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Firefox or whatever other browser you tend to use. Sometimes, the hijacker might even initially seem useful and helpful. However, the truths is that in the majority of instances, if you have had an app like “Better History” installed on your PC, you’d most likely want to get rid of it and here’s why: Browser hijackers are mainly developed to spam the user’s screen with obnoxious and intrusive ads and also to impose changes to the targeted browser. They might replace the starting page or the search engine, they also oftentimes cause redirects to unknown pages and it’s also possible that some new obscure toolbar gets added to the browser and that your browser gets flooded with different kinds of ads, pop-ups, blinking boxes and banners and other similar kinds of advertising materials. All of this is typically done without the permission of the user and if the latter tries to revert the changes, it is likely that the hijacker would bring them back the next time the browser gets opened or the PC gets booted. Obviously, all of this can really get on your nerves. Bear in mind that even though the browser hijacker might be promoted as a tool that is supposed to improve the quality of your browsing sessions through the changes it makes and through the ads and redirects it triggers, in nearly all cases the effect is exactly the opposite. After all, there are already enough ads online as it is and probably no one needs any more of that when they surf the World Wide Web. The good news here is that it is actually not that difficult to overcome such an issue and in the lines below we will show you exactly how you can quickly, easily and effectively uninstall and fully eliminate “Better History” so that it won’t bother you anymore. Just read the rest of this write-up in order to better familiarize yourself with the hijacker software category and then head down to our specialized removal guide manual. The instructions in it as well as the recommended removal program added to the guide will help you deal with the pesky hijacker in no time.

Is “Better History” a virus?

If you have “Better History” on your machine, you might be worried that you are currently dealing with some insidious and harmful Trojan Horse, Ransomware, Spyware or some other nasty virus. If that’s your case, then you’d be happy to learn that hijacker are actually not particularly dangerous and harmful. In fact, most such apps contain no malicious code and are not capable of directly inflicting any damage on your system. Their main goal, as we said earlier, is to advertise something and it is the fact that they do this in a rather aggressive way and also the fact that they are usually useless for the end user that makes them undesirable. However, as far as the safety of your machine is concerned, provided that you are careful around the ads and the redirects coming from the hijacker, there should be no problem. Just remember to keep your distance from any of the advertising contents that this app might try to put on your screen. The reason for that is the potentially hazardous nature of some of the adverts. While in most cases those ads shouldn’t be threatening, there’s always the chance of stumbling upon some banner or page redirect that might land you on a web location used for the distribution of malware viruses the likes of Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Ransomware, etc. It’s just better to stay safe and not take any chances with you computer’s security.

How to keep hijackers at bay?

Normally, it’s the users that (unknowingly) install hijackers on their PCs. This normally happens through the so-called file-bundling model. With this method, the unwanted app is put inside the installation file of some free or cheap program as an optional component. Now, you should typically be able to opt-out of that bundled component but the problem is most users do not do that which is why they get hijackers installed on their machines. You, however, now that you are aware of this method for hijacker distribution, should make sure to always check the advanced setup menu and from there opt-out of the installation of anything that you might regard as potentially unwanted.

Name “Better History”
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

“Better History” Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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