Bitcoin’s creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” identity revealed

Craig Wright shows up his cryptographic key to prove his invention

“Satoshi Nakamoto” has long been known as the pseudonym that hides the personality of the creator behind the bitcoin virtual currency. His real name has come to light recently. This is Craig Wright. 

Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur and prominent bitcoin supporter. He has formerly been recognized by Wired and Gizmodo, although his previous admissions had been met with some skepticism over the years. There were many speculations about who first came up with the original idea for the bitcoin digital cash system. This is understandable since previous attempts at revealing the real personality behind the Nakamoto pseudonym had not gone so well.  


Entrepreneur and academic Craig Wright has provided technical proof to back up his claim this time, using coins known to be owned by the original Bitcoin creator. This happened after revealing his identity to several media organizations.

Now, to publically show his identity to the world, Craig Wright went to media outlets such as the BBC, the Economist and GQ magazine. To back up his right as the bitcoin creator, he came with an evidence that ties him to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.  In front of the BBC media, he used the cryptographic key that has been linked to the first bitcoin transaction.

In his interview, Mr. Wright says that he doesn’t really care if some people will believe it and some people won’t. The main reason to show his personality publically after keeping it anonymous since 2009, when he created the first bitcoin, is to stop people from chasing him and his close ones.

It looks like Jon Matonis, the founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation, is also convinced that Craig Wright is the man behind the “Satoshi Nakamoto” pseudonym. In a blog post, he explains that during previous interactions with Wright he suspected him. Matonis was present when Wright demonstrated the evidence on a meeting in London.

During these proof sessions, he had the opportunity to closely check the relevant data of cryptographic, social, and technical proofs. Based on what he has witnessed, he came to the conclusion that Craig Steven Wright has satisfied all three categories. Of course, suspicions and speculations on Wright’s claim are not missing. Some experts still doubt the evidence and think they are weakly validated.

The bitcoin system was released anonymously back in 2009. Since then, it allows people to make peer-to-peer transactions avoiding an intermediary such as a bank, simply by using a public ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin is also famous for allowing its users to stay anonymous during the transactions. This blockchain mechanism, however, doesn’t provide a way for reliably tracking the transactions. Therefore, many cybercriminals use it as their preferred currency when blackmailing victims of ransomware and malware attacks.


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