This page aims to help you remove the SupTab “Virus”. Our Browsermodifier Win32/SupTab!blnk “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

In case that annoying ads, pop-ups and different promotional pages and tabs keep appearing in your Chrome or Firefox browser, you have probably had adware like Win32 SupTab installed on your computer. This program usually gets inside your PC unnoticed and makes some undesired changes to your browser settings by redirecting your searches or replacing your homepage. You may also notice some additional toolbars or components that appear on your screen, while a bunch of nagging ads keep flipping on and off all over it. This can surely be disturbing activity, especially for people who are facing it for the first time. If you are one of them, here is an effective solution that will help you deal with the ads invasion and permanently remove the adware from your system.

Is Browsermodifier Win32/SupTab!blnk a “Virus”?

If you are not familiar with the nature of adware, you may be concerned about your system safety. The disturbing activity that is happening on your screen may appear as an alarming sign of a nasty virus infection to many users. That’s why they may often wrongly refer to programs like this as viruses. Luckily, this is not the case with adware or SupTab in particular. In fact, no adware has ever been recognized as malicious. This type of software is a legal one, and it mostly serves the needs of the online advertising industry by generating income for its developers through the famous Pay-Per-Click method. And despite that sometimes it may be quite aggressive in its attempts to display its ads, pop-ups, banners and all sorts of nagging and blinking messages, adware is still far away from any malicious threats like viruses, Trojans, Spyware or the recently popular Ransomware.

How did you end up with SupTab on your machine?

You probably can’t recall installing this program on your computer and the question that is probably concerning you now is “How did it get there?” The truth is that even if you can’t recall it, the chance is you placed the adware on your system yourself. Now, this isn’t rocket science, because unlike malware (such as Trojans or Ransomware) that sneaks inside undetected, Browsermodifier Win32/SupTab!blnk needs to be installed just like any other normal software. However, it usually comes as an additional application along with some attractive program, a game or a component you willingly put on your system. This usually happens when you download and install some new software, without checking what its bundle may contain. Not reading the EULA and skipping installation options like the “Advanced” or the “Custom” one is a common mistake that many people make and this is how they usually end up with adware or other potentially unwanted programs on their computer. What also matters is where you get your software from. Adware programs like SupTab are mostly found inside new application setups distributed through torrent sites, free software platforms, spam emails, open source download websites, direct downloads, installation managers, test software or games installers. So if you have recently downloaded a new attractive program on your PC from any such location, this is how you may have delivered SupTab to your system.

Are there any questionable activities related to SupTab?

Despite that SupTab is seen as a quite harmless application, it may still be the reason for some significant browsing related irritation, online disturbance and constant interruptions to your attempts to surf the web normally. A lot of annoyance may come from the unstoppable ads, pop-ups, banners and new tabs that keep appearing every time you open your browser. Closing them may be a hard task since they may often come in series and get displayed all over your screen, this way tricking you into clicking on them and interfering with your online activity. Also, bear in mind that sometimes you may get redirected to web locations with unknown content or insecure websites, where there may be a chance of getting infected with some malware or a nasty virus. After all, you never know how safe all the randomly popping ads your screen gets covered with are. That’s why it is advisable to avoid clicking on them and if possible, restrict your interaction with the adware as much as possible. The best, of course, is to fully remove SupTab from your computer. This will surely stop the nagging ads from appearing and thus minimize your chances of inadvertently clicking on something you don’t want. You can easily uninstall all the ad-generating components by simply following the instructions in the removal guide below. We believe that if you do that carefully, you will have no issues successfully removing all the adware traces from your computer.


Name SupTab
Type Adware
Detection Tool

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 SupTab “Virus” Removal

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