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Central Locator

Central Locator is an unwanted app designed to get installed inside the main browser of your Mac and hijack its settings. The activities of Central Locator are aimed at turning the tabs of your browser into advertising space and redirecting your traffic to some partnering sites.

Central Locator

The Central Locator app for Mac is a Virus of the browser hijacker category.

If this hijacker is messing with the settings of your Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, and if it is constantly redirecting your searches and overall browsing to unknown sites or sites filled with various adverts, pop-ups, and banners, you really need to make sure that the invasive app gets uninstalled as soon as possible, as this is the only effective way to end its annoying activities. However, the removal of a browser hijacker isn’t a very easy job if you have never dealt with this sort of software before. That is why you are likely to need our help to take care of this annoyance. The good news we have for you is that, by the end of this article and the removal guide below it, will have a very good idea of how you could uninstall Central Locator and rid your system of its unpleasant presence.

Central Locator for Mac

Central Locator for Mac is a type of junkware add-on app for various Mac browsers that can turn the browser into an advertising platform. Central Locator for Mac will shower your browser with paid adverts that generate revenue for each click that they receive.

The hijacker won’t damage your files, your software, or the system of your computer. It could, however, potentially land you on sites which may not be safe. Some of the sites the hijacker’s ads may redirect to may be filled with misleading links, fake offers, clickbait messages, and even phishing elements that seek to acquire some sensitive details about you such as your name, address, your passwords for different sites, and even your banking account details. If you are not careful, you could easily become the victim of some online fraud scheme.

What is Central Locator

Central Locator is a form of Mac malware that affects the browser and turns it into an ad-generating platform by changing its homepage and replacing the default search tool. Central Locator can automatically get you redirected to its partnering sites to draw more traffic to them.

In order to avoid the dangers that the hijacker ads may redirect you to, the best option you’ve got is to uninstall the application responsible for the ad-generation. Remember that there are much more dangerous hazards out there such as Trojans, Spyware, and Ransomware, but if you keep Central Locator in your computer, it is possible that you get exposed to them due to the unwanted changes this hijacker may make in your browser and system.

The Centrallocator app

The Central Locator app is a type of malware that is programmed to infect the browsers of Mac users and to get them automatically redirected to various sites with unknown origins. Sometimes, the Central Locator app may redirect you to unsafe locations that could be harmful.

If you are struggling to remove this app on your own, be sure to use the guide from below or scan your computer with the trusted removal tool that you will find linked here.


Name Central Locator
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Central Locator Virus Removal

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