Cherry.exe Virus

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This page aims to help you remove Cherry.exe Virus. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Security experts have just recently detected a new and very dangerous Trojan horse infection called Cherry.exe. This infection is not like usual viruses and can be extremely harmful to your system if it gets inside. Cherry.exe Virus cannot be spotted that easily and its malicious scripts may sneak through the security software undetected, especially if the antivirus has not been updated to the latest virus definitions. The usual target of this Trojan are Windows systems, however, it is not excluded that other operating systems may be attacked as well. In case that your computer is infected, we highly recommend you to follow the instructions in the Removal Guide below and remove the malware immediately. As any other Trojan, this infection can be exploited for a number of criminal tasks and the sooner you eliminate it, the fewer the harmful consequences will be. Don’t worry if you are not a professional. The steps are detailed enough for an average user to follow, and for additional assistance, you have a trusted removal tool at your disposal.

What harm may Cherry.exe cause?

Trojans are favorite tools for various types of crimes. The hackers use them in a number of malicious activities, but it is really difficult to list them all, since each and every Trojan infection can be programmed for a different task. Cherry.exe, for instance, is a new threat, which comes with some very sophisticated malicious scripts. This infection may be exploited as a tool of espionage, a destructive virus, data theft software and many more. For example, it may be programmed to compromise any system in such a way that the hackers will gain full access to all of its information and programs. Once they gain such access, they may load different harmful processes, modify or delete files, corrupt the system or insert other harmful scripts without the victim’s knowledge. In some cases, the goal might be simple computer destruction or demonstration of hacking skills but in others, the criminals may aim for the victims’ personal or professional data, their banking details, login credentials and other sensitive info, which could be used for blackmail or even physical abuse. 

Unfortunately, there may not be obvious signs about the presence of Cherry.exe Virus on your computer. Only if some major malfunction appears on your system may you get your attention drawn to the possible contamination with this Trojan. This makes the infection really difficult for detection, especially if you don’t have a reliable antivirus program installed on your PC. That’s why we advise you to invest in good security software and run regular scans with it to allow timely detection of such nasty threats. If you have doubts that Cherry.exe Virus is lurking in your system, a good way to check it is to use the instructions in the Removal Guide below. However, you should be prepared for the tricks of the Trojan. It usually tends to hide deep in the system and to camouflage itself as a legitimate process in an attempt to remain hidden from the security software check. That’s why a simple scan may not be enough to detect all of its scripts. For best results, we advise you to combine the instructions in the Removal Guide with the help of the professional Cherry.exe removal tool. This software is trusted and can help you automatically identify and remove all the harmful Trojan-related components in just a few clicks.

How does this Trojan horse spread on the web?

According to the information that our “How to remove” team has, Cherry.exe spreads mostly via spam email letter and malicious attachments. In most of the cases, the infection is camouflaged as a harmless-looking file, which prompts you to download it. Other possible sources could be illegal web pages, torrent platforms, and pirate content sites. Also, the hackers may spread this and other Trojans via fake ads, some too-good-to-be-true offers, intrusive pop-up notifications, fake software update pop-ups, infected installers and social media shares. That’s why our general advice for you is to be mindful when browsing the Internet. Do not trust every link or blinking box that prompts you to upgrade your software or install some new tool. Use only official pages from reputed programmers for this purpose and do not forget to invest in reliable antivirus software.


Name Cherry.exe
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Cherry.exe Virus Removal

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