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Chill Tab

Chill Tab ( is a questionable application that’s supposed to enhance your browsing experience. However, it is known to modify browser settings and gather private information. This makes Chill Tab a potentially unwanted program and a browser hijacker.

How to Get Rid of Chill Tab"Virus"

The Chill Tab Virus would change your homepage.

In the following article, we will be discussing the category of the programs known as browser hijackers generally, and their particular member Chill Tab. Nevertheless, do not overreact, at least not until you have read the passages below as basically, this kind of software is harmless and might only bother you a lot by altering your browser apps. Right after any browser hijacker has infected your computer, your Chrome/ Firefox/ Safari and all other browser apps may put new homepages and search engines; and/or could possibly launch some redirecting to many unknown websites. What’s more, such programs might begin displaying a considerable number of online ads (like banners, boxes and pop-ups). You are going to read more about the potential effects of this pretty irritating software family in the next paragraphs.


Chilltab is a browser hijacker that doesn’t bother asking the users for approval when making changes to their web browsing settings. Instead, Chilltab automatically changes the search engine and the homepage of the main browser to

What you should really be aware of when it comes to the software category of browser hijackers is that, no browser hijacker has ever been described as a malicious piece of software. All of them lack considerable harmful effects. Still, such statements need some more concrete proof to back them up, so we are going to show you the differences between the Chill Tab “Virus”, for instance, and any serious virus such as a Trojan, or Ransomware to make it completely clear why hijackers are not real viruses.

To begin with, the way viruses normally get installed into your device differs considerably from the way hijackers do that:

  • How do hijackers get distributed? Typically, this may happen via the process of improperly installing any software bundle. These are the sets, full of free programs available on the Internet. Bear in mind that even in case you really download such free software combos, the hijacker inside them still needs your (indirect) permission to get installed into your PC. This is the main reason why some programmers may try to deceive you into letting the entire content of the bundle get installed on your computer.
    This might take place by installing the whole bundle through the incorrect installation mode. Normally – the Default or the Recommended ones. Really, you could still install and benefit from whatever you want from any existing free bundle without catching a hijacker. All you have to do is install the bundle in a proper way. The “good” feature you need to select in such a case is called Advanced (or Custom/ or rarely Manual).
  • How are Trojans and Ransomware distributed – in contrast? These popular malware programs can get incorporated into your device without your knowledge or permission. In fact, they do not need even an unknowing act of approval; they can just automatically infiltrate your computer.

Another substantial difference comes from the ways viruses and hijackers usually affect your devices:

  • What should we expect from a hijacker like Chill Tab? Besides the characteristic features of any browser hijacker that we have already discussed above, the Chill Tab “Virus” could also slow down your PC by producing too many pop-ups; or by authorizing too intense redirections. Nonetheless, these are the most suspicious or annoying ways any hijacker could ever behave in. Nothing really harmful may ever result from the activities of a harmless program like this.
  • What can we expect from any Trojans or Ransomware? On the contrary, Trojans and Ransomwares are definitely able to damage your PC and harm you personally. First of all, the infection with such malware represents the most widely-spread malware infection type in general on a global scale. Such malicious programs can and tend to steal some very private data (banking or account details) in the case of Trojans. Moreover, if the virus you have got is Ransomware, you must expect data encryption and some rather frightening demands for a ransom payment.


Chill-Tab is not as malicious as a computer virus, but it may cause intolerable web browsing disturbance and keep track of your search quieries. Users who have Chill-Tab on their Mac may be bombarded with dozends of unwanted pop-up ads.

In spite of being considered potentially unwanted, Chill Tab and the programs from its software family are indeed legal and have been created for the needs of the online marketing industry. Their consequences are simply advertisement-oriented, even though a little irritating or intrusive.

We are lucky enough to say that we have already come up with an effective way of dealing with this hijacker and have summarized it here, in our Removal Guide. Follow the steps in it carefully and as described, and the instructions there will work in your best interest.


Name Chill Tab
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Keep in mind, SpyHunter’s malware detection tool is free. To remove the infection, you’ll need to purchase the full version. More information about SpyHunter and steps to uninstall.

How to Remove ChillTab from Mac

ChillTab is an app that primarly targets Mac computers and seeks to hijack their web browsers. Fortunately, ChillTab can be successfully removed from the system with the help of a professional removal tool or manually.

Some people may be able to remove Chill Tab from their Mac quickly when they follow these instructsion:

  1. In Safari (or another Mac browser) open the main menu and select “Preferences”.
  2. Go to the Homepage tab and see if it has been changed. Remove the changes and set a homeage that you want.
  3. Next, again in the browser’s menu, go to the Extensions tab.
  4. Try to locate the Chill Tab extension from the list and uninstall it.
  5. Check for other unfamiliar extensions that look suspicious and unisntall them as well.

If the steps above aren’t helpful in your case and Chill Tab is still disturbing you, please use the detailed instructions in the guide that follows:


*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Close down the affected browser. If this is Safari and it doesn’t want to get closed the normal way,  choose the Apple Menu and Force Quit it.



*Source of claim SH can remove it.

In Finder navigate to activity-monitor

This will open the Activity Monitor. Once you get there, select the processes tab and seek for processes that you believe are hijacking your browser, or are linked to Chill Tab.

Next, select these processes one by one and click the “i” (information) button at the top for each one of them. A window looking like this will appear on your scren for each process that you select:


Generate a sample of each process that you belive is questionable to check if it is legitimate or not by clicking on the Sample button at the bottom of the window:


If you can’t determine which processes are unwanted or malicious, run their sample files in our online virus scanner. Delete those that are flagged as threats and quit the related processes.

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    Next, launch your browser safely. If it is Safari, keep the Shift key from your keyboard while launching the browser. In this way, pages that have been previously loaded automatically will be prevented from opening this time.

    If unwanted pages still get loaded in Safari anyways, try these additional measures:

    Force Quit Safari and disconnect from the Wi-Fi by choosing Wi-Fi OFF from the Mac’s Menu or unplug the Internet cable from the computer if you are using a cable. Then, launch the browser again and keep the Shift key while relaunching.


    After Safari is opened, click on the Safari Menu and select Preferences. 

    Preferences in Safari

    Find the Extensions tab and click on it to view the list of extensions that have been installed on your browser:

    extensions in safari

    In case you detect extensionat that you find unfamiliar or seem to be related somehow to Chill Tab, uninstall them. 

    Browser Hijackers like Chill Tab are known to affect all browsers. Thus, if you want to remove the unwanted app completely, make sure you apply the instructions below to all browsers that are installed on your system.

    In Safari, click the Safari Menu>Preferences>Privacy tab
    Privacy in Safari

    In the Privacy tab, select Remove All Website Data and confirm by clicking on Remove Now.

    Attention! By doing this all stored website data will be deleted! You will be required to enter your sign-in credentials for all websites that require your authentication!

    While still inside the the Preferences menu, select the General tab:

    General Tab in Safari

    If the address of the Homepage has been changed to a URL that you don’t want, change it to a URL that you prefer.
    Default Home Page

    Next, don’t forget to clear your history from the History menu. This will prevent problematic web pages from being accidentally opened again.

    firefox-512 How to Remove Chill Tab From Firefox in OSX:

    Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the top right corner and click on mozilla menu . Once the menu opens, go to Add-ons and choose the Extensions tab from the left panel.

    pic 6

    Identically that what you did in Safari, look for extensions that you have not installed or are related to Chill Tab and remove them. Then Refresh Your Firefox Settings.

    chrome-logo-transparent-backgroundHow to Remove Chill Tab From Chrome in OSX:

     In Google Chrome, start the browser and click chrome menu icon . From the menu choose More Tools and click on the Extensions tab from the left panel.  Select  chrome-trash-icon(trash bin icon) for all the extensions that are unwanted to remove them.

    pic 8

     After that, click chrome menu icon (the menu icon) but this time select Settings. In the window tha topens, choose theSearch tab and select the Manage Search Engines option. If you detect search engines that you don’t use or are imposed by Chill Tab, delete them and Reset Your Chrome Settings.

    Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions in the comments section below or give a try to the professional anti-virus program and our free online virus scanner if nothing works. 


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