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This page aims to help you remove Chrome/Firefox Security Warning. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

A number of reports have recently been addressed to our “How to remove” team, concerning a program called Chrome/Firefox Security Warning. The affected users complain that this program has somehow managed to integrate itself inside their browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.) and has set changes to their homepage and default search engine without their approval. What is more, when they attempted to roll back or remove the imposed changes, they appear again the next time the browser gets restarted. The normal browsing often gets disturbed by various ads, new tabs, blinking banners and sudden redirects, which lead to random sponsored pages. Most of the people, who contacted us, say that this activity constantly adds frustration and irritation to their daily browsing experience and for this reason, they are eagerly looking for an effective way to remove Chrome/Firefox Security Warning.  Fortunately, this program looks more like a browser hijacker rather than a serious virus infection. That’s why we believe the instructions in the Removal Guide below will be all that you need to safely get rid of the browsing disturbance.

What is a browser hijacker?

Programs, which tend to hijack the users’ browsers for advertising purposes are naturally called Browser hijackers. Such pieces of software are normally developed to aggressively promote certain services and products and earn revenue from Pay-Per-Click and other online revenue-earning models. Chrome/Firefox Security Warning is a program of this type, which is set to integrate itself within all browsers on a computer and make changes to their homepage or search engine. The program may also install some new toolbars and initiate frequent redirects, all with the idea to expose you to certain ads, websites, and offers. Basically, if you have a browser hijacker on your system, every time you try to open a new tab or search for something on the web, you may have to deal with increased amount of online commercials, banners, blinking boxes and messages, which may constantly interrupt you and prompt you to click on their links.

Does Chrome/Firefox Security Warning pose a threat?

Many users have asked us in their reports if Chrome/Firefox Security Warning could be dangerous. Such software indeed could look doubtful and rather irritating, especially given that it may manipulate your web searches and redirect you to web locations you may not want to visit. However, to the relief of all the affected users, a browser hijacker is not the same thing as a Trojan horse or a Ransomware virus. This software will not attempt to corrupt your computer, encrypt your files or cause some other major system damage or malfunction. In its nature, a Hijacker application like Chrome/Firefox Security Warning is seen as a legitimate advertising tool, which definitely distinguishes it from malware.

Still, there a number of reasons why you might not want such a program on your computer. The most obvious one is the changes that the hijacker may impose to your browser settings without your approval. Such actions, though used for advertising purposes, may eventually lead to exposure to threats and potential malware distributors and it is not very difficult to guess how this could happen. Basically, all it could take is a redirect to an infected website or a fake ad, which may deliver Ransomware, Trojans and many other nasty malware to your system. The hijacker may accidentally generate a potential malicious transmitter without actually seeking to harm your system, but still, this risk is worth consideration.

Besides, programs like Chrome/Firefox Security Warning may significantly reduce the quality of your browsing by affecting the browser in an unpleasant way. Being busy with loading sponsored commercials, your Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer may become unresponsive to your searches and may start to freeze, lag or crash more often than what is normal. Chrome/Firefox Security Warning may run in the background of your system constantly, eating up a fair share of your machine’s resources for rather useless activity.

How to uninstall the browser hijacker completely?

If you’ve had enough of browsing disturbance, and you wish to browse the web in peace once again, the instructions in the Removal Guide below and the professional help of the Chrome/Firefox Security Warning removal tool may be what you need. They are trusted enough to assist you in finding and uninstalling all the components, that Chrome/Firefox Security Warning may have added to your system.

Once you have eliminated the Hijacker, don’t forget to ensure that your computer stays safe in the future. To avoid browser hijackers, our general advice is to always pay close attention to the software programs that you install. In most of the cases, programs like Chrome/Firefox Security Warning are bundled inside the installers of other programs as “suggested” or “recommended” components and if you don’t disable them manually, you will surely end up with them on your PC. That’s why, opt for Advanced/Custom/Manual installation options to have full control over any given setup wizard and always be selective with your download sources.


Name Chrome/Firefox Security Warning
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Chrome/Firefox Security Warning Pop-up Removal

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You can find the removal guide here. 

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