Chrono Speedup Virus

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Chrono Speedup

Chrono Speedup is a stealthy computer threat of the Trojan Horse family and it can compromise your computer without displaying any symptoms. Chrono Speedup can be used for data theft, system corruption, and Ransomware distribution among other things.

Chrono Speedup
The Chrono Speedup virus can be used to transform your computer into a zombie-machine without your permission

If you suspect that a stealthy Trojan named Chrono Speedup has sneaked into your computer, then you should know that this is, indeed, a danger about which you shouldn’t ignore. The Trojans are an extremely dangerous and notorious type of malware. Don’t get stressed, though, because, on this page, we will help you remove Chrono Speedup and clean up your system. Our professional team is on your side in the struggle against such damaging threats, and we will show you precisely how to eliminate the one that has infected your PC. The removal guide below will assist you with locating the malicious files, and manually delete them, while the suggested removal tool will scan your system for any concealed damaging residues. All you need to do is read the information below, and carefully follow the steps.

The Chrono Speedup virus

Threats like Chrono Speedup are frequently used by hackers with malicious intentions for a variety of criminal deeds. Most commonly, the Trojans distribute different viruses, Ransomware, Spyware, and other infections, or corrupt sensitive information and monitor the computer and the victim’s activities.

With their help, the online crooks can obtain user data, and credentials for online accounts, banking information, passwords, or credit card details. Once this information comes into the hands of the unscrupulous cyber criminals, there are all kinds of ways they can exploit it. They can, for example, steal the identity of the victim, withdraw their money, blackmail them, and who knows what else.


ChronoSpeedup can also be used to spy on the victims’ conversations, or even provide the hackers with live feed of what’s happening in the users’ homes. Infections such as ChronoSpeedup can provide unauthorized access to the entire computer system for the crooks,

including the compromised machine’s microphone or webcam. This way the hackers will know whom you’re talking to or what you’re doing at home. Even the thought that such an invasion of your privacy is possible thanks to this malware is creepy enough. But this is not everything. Chrono Speedup can be used to transform your computer into a zombie-machine without your permission and to spread other malicious threats with its help. Botnets are generally created this way, where malicious hackers use millions of compromised computers to conduct large-scale criminal actions.

The worst part of being infected with a Trojan horse is that you might not have a clue about it. These threats are so well-camouflaged that, without an excellent antivirus software, it is almost impossible to detect them on your computer. In some cases, it may take weeks or even months to notice that a Trojan is working on your system, since the malware rarely shows visible symptoms of its presence.

How to remove Chrono Speedup?

Taking into account all that we said, you should remove Chrono Speedup as quickly as possible. We recommend that you follow the removal guide below and pay attention to each step because, as we said previously, this malware uses camouflage and hides deep within your OS. If you don’t detect the correct malicious files, and instead delete some important system file, this may corrupt the entire machine. To avoid such a risk, especially if you are not very experienced in computing, using the specialized Chrono Speedup removal tool would be the safest method. This tool will detect, and remove the malware in just a few clicks.


NameChrono Speedup
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How to Uninstall the Chrono Speedup Virus

Here are the necessary steps that you need to take to remove Chrono Speedup from your computer:

  • Search your computer for malicious programs that have been secretly installed in it and uninstall them.
  • Disable any Startup entries that are linked to Chrono Speedup and its activity.
  • Open the Task Manager and check the Processes tab for malicious processes that need to be stopped.
  • Check the Hosts file of your computer for unauthorized changes and signs of hacking.
  • Search the Registry for trojan-related entries and carefully remove them.

If you need detailed explanation on each of the steps, please carefully follow the guide below.


Before you dig deep into the actual removal of Chrono Speedup, there are some preparations that we highly recommend you to do:

First, as you will need to restart the computer multiple times, make sure you Bookmark this removal guide for quick and easy reference.

Next, reboot the infected computer in Safe Mode (use the instructions from the link if you need help with that) to limit the running processes and apps down to the most essential ones. This will eventually help you spot any unusual activity much easier.



Trojans like Chrono Speedup are known to sneak inside the computer with the help of rogue software and different apps that look legitimate but are actually malicious. Therefore, if you want to deal with the Trojan that has infected you, you should first start with checking the list of your installed programs for malicious applications.

To do that, on your keyboard simply press the Windows and R keys together and type appwiz.cpl in the Run window. Next, click OK.



A new window will appear on the screen where you can see all the programs that are presently installed on your computer. If you find a program that you can’t remember installing, or you spot a program with a suspicious name and manufacturer, it is best to research it online and uninstall it if you find enough evidence that it is not legitimate. You can also uninstall any programs that you don’t normally use.

If a pop-up screen like the one below appears when you click Uninstall on a particular program, select NO and complete the removal process:



To remove parasite on your own, you may have to meddle with system files and registries. If you were to do this, you need to be extremely careful, because you may damage your system.

If you want to avoid the risk, we recommend downloading SpyHunter
a professional malware removal tool.

More information on SpyHunter, steps to uninstallEULAThreat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy.

Many Trojan Horse infections tend to run one or more malicious components in the background of the system the moment the computer starts. To check if Chrono Speedup has added such startup items on your PC, type msconfig in the search field of the Start menu and pres the Enter key from the keyboard: 



Next, in the Startup tab, carefully look for startup items that don’t seem to be legitimate. Entries withUnknown” or suspicious-looking Manufacturer should best be researched online and disabled by unchecking their checkmark if there is enough evidence that they are part of the Trojan infection.


Computer hacking is a common consequence of a Trojan Horse infection. A quick look in the Hosts file can give you information if your computer has been hacked. To open the Hosts file, copy and paste the line below in the search field of the Start menu:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

Next, press Enter from the keyboard and scroll the text of the file until you find Localhost.

A sign of hacking could be the presence of strange-looking IPs under Localhost, just as shown on the example image below: 

hosts_opt (1)


If you detect any such virus creator IPs in your Hosts file, please write to us in the comments with a copy of them. If nothing unusual grabs your attention, simply close the file without making changes in it.

Finally, search the registry for Chrono Speedup-related entries and make sure that you carefully remove them. 

One way to do that is to type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter. This will start the Registry Editor. 

Then, use the CTRL and F key combination to open a Find box inside the Registry Editor.

Next, type the Trojan’s Name in it and start a search. Anything that gets found must be carefully deleted.

In case there are no results from the search, use the left panel of the Editor to go manually to these three locations:

  1. HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Random Directory. 
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/Random
  3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/Random

If you find anything suspicious in them, delete it. In case you need help, please download the powerful anti-virus program recommended in this guide and run a full system scan with it. In case you run into trouble, you can always leave us a comment, and we will do our best to help!


What is Chrono Speedup?

Chrono Speedup is a malicious program that belongs to the malware category known as Trojan Horses – a category known for its stealth and versatility. Chrono Speedup is commonly distributed disguised as a free and seemingly harmless program that users would willingly download, unaware of its true nature.
This is why, when trying to deal with a Trojan Horse infection, you must first start by deleting any recently installed programs that come from unreliable sources and/or have unknown manufacturers.
If Chrono Speedup has infected your computer, possible signs of its presence there are performance issues, unusually high use of RAM and CPU by a process(es) that don’t seem related to your regular programs, unwanted and unauthorized changes to various systems, and/or browser settings, Blue Screen of Death crashes, program freezes, and more. If your computer displays one or more of these symptoms, or you notice any other irregularities in it, it’s strongly advised to scan your computer for Trojans and other malware, as it’s possible that the system may have been infected.

How dangerous is Chrono Speedup?

Chrono Speedup is a highly dangerous malware program capable of performing an array of harmful actions that could lead to money or data loss, system damage, and blackmailing. To prevent any of this from happening, be sure to remove Chrono Speedup at the earliest opportunity.
Common damaging actions performed by threats of this type involve the distribution of other malicious programs (most notably Ransomware), espionage, extraction of sensitive personal data (usernames and passwords, banking credentials, etc), exploitation of the computer’s resources for cryptocurrency mining, and many more.
It’s often difficult to predict what type of damage a Trojan may cause to the system due to the inherent versatility of this type of malware. Whatever the specific purpose of a given Trojan Horse infection, however, you must know that these threats are the most widespread and widely-used malicious programs, and they are either at the center of the majority of cyber attacks or they are used to make such attacks possible.

How to remove Chrono Speedup?

To remove Chrono Speedup, you must meticulously check all programs on your computer and delete the ones that may be responsible for the infection. Next, you must stop any still active malware processes and then remove any Chrono Speedup data and settings left behind by the virus.
Here is a summary of how the removal process should be performed.
1. Using the Programs and Features (Uninstall a Program) section in the Control Panel, see if there’s a rogue-looking program that may be related to Chrono Speedup and uninstall it.
2. Open the Task Manager and, in its Processes tab, look for malware processes that must be stopped and quit them.
3. Check the Startup tab of the System Configuration settings and disable in it any unknown/questionable items.
4. See if there are malware IP addresses or rules in the Hosts file and delete them.
5.  Search the System Registry for Chrono Speedup items and delete anything you may find.


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