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Chumsearch is a potentially unwanted piece of software, which operates as a browser hijacker on your Safari,Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser that you might be using. Usually, a browser hijacker like this one may appear on your default browser as a plug-in or an add-on, which causes modifications to your browser settings.


The Chumsearch Virus will redirect your browser.

Such applications typically begin their activity by changing the home page, the default search engine, and the new tab page, so once you open your browser you will automatically be faced with some of the pages the hijacker is trying to promote. The moment the hijacker has completed these changes, it usually starts to redirect people to predetermined sites to increase their popularity. By promoting these sites and helping them increase their traffic, the developers of the hijacker earn money via methods like Pay-Per-Click. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that such sites are legitimate and harmless and some of them may be hiding viruses like Trojans, Ransomware, and other nasty computer threats. What is more, almost all browser hijackers have the ability to gather information about people’s browsing habits. Chumsearch “Virus”, for instance, may know what terms you use when searching, what sites you visit, what files you upload, what information you enter, and similar non-PII data. Then, the browser-redirecting software may reveal this valuable marketing data to third parties or sell it to advertisers for profits. It can be said that, generally, all programs categorized as browser hijackers are distributed for advertising purposes. But if you want to protect your personal space, regain control over your browser’s settings and improve the security of your computer, it is best to remove a hijacker like Chumsearch “Virus” from your system.

Chumsearch on Mac

Unlike the computer viruses, which are very dangerous and difficult to remove, you can remove a browser hijacker like Chumsearch fairly easy. Such unwanted applications will interfere mainly with your web browsing experience.

Depending on your level of computer skills, you can select between manual or automatic removal. The automatic removal is the easiest way to detect and delete the browser hijacker completely. For that, it is best if you use a professional software such as the Chumsearch removal tool from the current page. If you think that you don’t need an anti-malware program to help you with the task of removing the hijacker, you can always simply use the removal guide manual below and follow the steps provided in it in order to uninstall Chumsearch and remove all of its components from your computer and from your browsing programs.

What could be the effect of Chumsearch “Virus”on your system and on the computer performance?

The moment Chumsearch “Virus” enters the system, it may typically initiate the following activities:

  • Modify any browser’s settings and replace its homepage, default search engine or new tab page, add or remove bookmarks without your approval.
  • Redirect your searches to unfamiliar sites and aggressively promote certain ads, pop-ups, banners and new pages through your browser’s screen. Be careful with this activity because it may hide risks such as exposure to viruses (Ransomware, Trojans, Spyware, etc.) and unfamiliar or infected web locations.
  • Record information, related to your web activity, such as  visited sites, typed-in information, IP address, location, browser type, and so on.
  • Prevent you from reversing the browser changes and removing the software. Typically, Chumsearch will try to remain in your system for as long as possible, thus, it may hide its uninstallation options deep inside your system. It may also have helper scripts, which may reinstall the hijacker once you have removed it.
  • Issues related to system performance and stability. Sluggishness, unresponsiveness, and lags are commonly observed issues in the affected browser as well as sudden errors, crashes, and overall performance problems.

What distribution methods may Chumsearch “Virus” use to enter your system?

A program like Chumsearch is not considered to be a virus, thus, it can be found in many web locations, mostly distributed for free. Different download managers, video streaming programs, video recorders and similar free software may often be linked to questionable browser plugins and toolbars. Some websites may also offer free download applications, which could be bundled with a piece of software like Chumsearch. If a sudden popup notification asserts that your Java, Flash Player or FLV Player needs to be updated, you should better ignore it because it may just be a trick for spreading potentially unwanted or dangerous programs. Only trust update requests coming directly from your system and not from your browser.


Name Chumsearch
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

anti-malware offerOFFER *Free Remover allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. SpyHunter's EULA, Privacy Policy, and more details about Free Remover.

How To Remove Chumsearch from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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  • You might first need to complete the manual instructions from the guide if the antivirus doesn’t work. Also, since you’ve bought the full version of the anti-malware tool, know that you are entitled to receive live support from its developers so you could also seek their help in order to deal with the issue. Nevertheless, we still advise you to complete our guide as your first step from now on.

  • Tell us exactly what happens when you try to use the anti-malware tool? Is it installed on your machine?

  • First of all, I think I acquired this with what I thought was an Adobe Flash popup update. The loading was very erratic and then this chumsearch was on my Mac.

    If your homepage is greyed out and won’t allow change do the following.

    This is how you remove Chumsearch. Delete Profiles:

    1. Open System Preferences

    2. Go to Profiles

    3. In the window that opens, choose the AdminPrefs and click the minus button on the bottom left – then click Remove – click OK.

    You’ll see a bunch of writing and chumsearch will be there. This is what locks your homepage. Also remove the chumsearch from extensions.

    Funny, Avast antiviral found 10 things, but the annoying chumsearch was not one.

    You can then change your homepage again. Hopefully it’s not hiding somewhere.

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