Clear signs of a malware infection!

Malware infections are among the worst things that could happen to your PC, apart from a dead hard drive maybe. Recognizing them, however, could be tough for some users. Generally, malware is created to compromise your computer, steal information, and blackmail you for a ransom and many other malicious actions that hackers use to do their criminal deeds.

Nowadays we deal with malicious scripts that are very sophisticated, smart and cunning. They sneak in the PC unnoticed and start installing their malware, doing their data search, collecting and transmitting information without much in the way of symptoms. Most of the harmful applications rely on their ability to remain unnoticed while attacking and operating on the user’s PC.

Anti-malware and antivirus software generally provide users with a good protection. If regularly updated, such software can easily detect threats of different types. Not all malware, however, could be always detected as a threat. There are applications which find ways to trick the designated detecting tools, or even if they are not harmful by themselves, could provide a backdoor or a certain vulnerability to the system.

Sometimes malware infections reveal themselves as direct attacks, such as the ransomware viruses, which come with a clear notification on your screen. In this case, informing the victims is the hackers’ main goal, since this is how they can collect the ransom money. In other cases, there are different symptoms that users can read as a sign of a malware. Let’s say you experience a system slowdown, sluggish performance, it seems like it takes ages for pages or applications to open, your browser behaves strange, some pop-up messages come out of nowhere or you notice some applications you can’t recognize. The chance is, either your machine is too old or having some troubles, or you are infected with some undesired applications.

Users often may not be able to notice when and how malware applications operate in their PC, but such signs could be more obvious than others. If you want to know whether your system is compromised, our “How to remove” team has showcased some of the clearest signs of a malware infection in the graphic below.  

5Clear signs of a malware infection

If you detect malware, you can try to find a solution in our free removal guides. Have you come across some other  symptoms? You are welcome to share with us in the comments section. 

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