Cmdsvr.exe Malware

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This page aims to help you remove Cmdsvr.exe Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Talking about the virus called Cmdsvr.exe, we must say that this is a Trojan Horse virus. What this means is that this particular virus could be used for a variety of countless purposes such as data destruction or blackmailing. Part of its job is to search for digital currencies. Also it is blamed for spam emails and fake download links. This brings general declining of performance of your CPU.

Below, we will be reviewing all of the possible uses, sources and possible ways of handling such malicious software.

Trojans and their functions:

Trojans are known as the most multifunction viruses ever created. Their purposes and ways of working might be incredibly different from one another. This is partly what makes them so awful – the uncertainty that they make you feel because you may never really find out what they are after.

What makes such diverse viruses members of one and the same group is their specific way of infecting a targeted machine and covertly operating inside it. In fact, that means such malicious programs could infect your system without giving out any signs of any dangerous processes going on. Again, this is another reason that makes them so horrifying and dangerous.

Some of the most common goals such viruses might be programmed to accomplish could be explained in brief, though. One very basic use of Trojans is data destruction. In case Cmdsvr.exe Malware has been set to delete some files, all of the data stored on your PC may be in danger. The hackers might be paid to destroy something on your PC for whatever reasons. Such a virus as the one we are focusing on here could be programmed to steal important data such as files, online account and banking credentials and all kinds of other sensitive information. In this way, the cyber scammers behind the virus might access and use your identity, money or public profiles for many kinds of dishonest purposes. Oftentimes, Trojan horses may also function as backdoor for other forms of malware such as Ransomware. In such a case Cmdsvr.exe might simply pave the way for some other incredibly dangerous virus to attack your system. Most commonly, these other viruses are versions of Ransomware which are famous for their ability to encrypt data and blackmail the victim user into paying a ransom for the decryption of the affected data files. Moreover, Trojan horse viruses could be used as spying tools. The cyber criminals might be after you as an individual or after your work-related data. In this case, the virus is might use your online camera and PC microphone and even keep track of your keystrokes, giving all the recorded data to its creators who may exploit it for blackmailing.

How you might remove Cmdsvr.exe Malware?

It may be possible to eventually deal with the virus before anything bad happens if you follow the steps inside our Removal Guide below. Good luck!

What is the purpose of Cmdsvr.exe?

Sadly, as we have mentioned above, we cannot really know what Cmdsvr.exe Malware might be after in your specific case after because its creators might set it to perform various malicious tasks once installed on your PC. Above you have been informed about the most common uses of such malware. Really, until the infection is done, you might not be able to tell what Cmdsvr.exe’s Malware real purpose is.

Where can you catch such malware?

The sources of such viruses are also plentiful. Indeed, such malware could be caught almost anywhere on the Internet. That’s why you need to be cautious while surfing the web. Be especially careful when it comes to the Cmdsvr.exe’s most usual sources:

  • The emails you get daily: such letters might indeed be contaminated and you need to open only the ones from recognizable senders. Avoid the unexpected attachments as well as they might also be contagious.
  • The fake pop-ups everywhere online: such advertisements could lead to malware-containing locations and you might end up infected by various viruses in case you click on them so be careful what you are interacting with when online.
  • The non-genuine system requests that appear on your screen at times: always check for updates manually as such fake requests might be coming from shady, illegal sites containing drive-by downloads that could be harmful.
  • Any suspicious web page or torrent you may find on the web: mind the locations that you visit while browsing. Go only to the websites that you are sure aren’t contagious for your system’s sake! Download anything only from trustworthy web platforms and avoid the shady torrents or the streaming pages that offer the newest films or videos.


Name Cmdsvr.exe
Type Trojan
Detection Tool


Cmdsvr.exe Malware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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