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Common Brand

Common Brand is an advertising software app that spams the browsers of Mac computers with unwelcome ads and tries to redirect users to sponsored sites. Common Brand belongs to the browser hijacker category and once it enters the browser, it introduces various unwanted changes to its settings.

Common Brand

The Common Brand Malware is on Mac.

This app is categorized as potentially unwanted by some experts but it must be mentioned that it does not pose a direct threat to the computers it is installed on. Unlike more serious forms of viruses like Trojans, Ransomware, or Spyware, browsers hijackers are mainly aimed at generating income for their developers through the implementation of paid ads and the promotion of certain sites that pay commission to whoever advertises them.

In short, if you have this app in your Safari, Firefox, Chrome or other browser, and if it has changed the browser’s search engine, toolbar, or homepage, there’s likely no need to be too concerned about all of this. Nevertheless, there are some aspects related to most hijacker apps that may make them potentially unsafe in the long run, which is why removing this software is still the best course of action.

Common Brand for Mac

Common Brand for Mac is a browser hijacker that can get installed inside Safari in order to modify its settings and turn it into an advertising platform. Common Brand for Mac is likely to modify the search engine of the browser and track your search history.

The information gained from the hijacker through the newly installed search engine and from your browsing history allows the unwanted app to then display ads on your screen that seem to promote products that you may be interested in. Whether the ad links to a page where the advertised product is being sold, however, is not guaranteed. It is, for example, possible to see a pop-up on your screen while browsing that advertises an item you might like to buy. However, upon clicking on the pop-up, you may end up getting redirected to a page that sells a totally different product or maybe even to a site that doesn’t sell anything. Unfortunately, such unreliable ads may even land you on web locations that spread malware and viruses such as Ransomware and Trojans.

What is Common Brand?

Common Brand is a potentially unwanted app that some experts categorize as malware because of its ability to hijack the settings of Mac browsers. Common Brand doesn’t allow the Mac’s user to reverse the changes that the unwanted app has made in the browser.

The only truly reliable way of restoring your browser to its normal state is through the uninstallation of Common Brand and the removal of all of its components from the computer.

The CommonBrand app

The CommonBrand app is an aggressive ad-generating app that is capable of automatically opening new tabs and pages in your browser and causing page redirects to unknown sites. The CommonBrand app won’t harm your Mac but it may expose it to malware dangers through its redirects.

If you want to make sure that your browser doesn’t get spammed with questionable and potentially unsafe adverts, our advice is to complete the guide offered below and, if need be, use the suggested anti-malware tool that you will find linked there. 


Name Common Brand
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Common Brand Mac Removal

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