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Complete Ready

Complete Ready is intrusive software that deliberately creates advertisements on users’ screens and redirects them to various web pages. Complete Ready cannot harm your computer, since it belongs to the browser hijacker class of software but, if not uninstalled, it may expose you to web content that can threaten the security of your system.

Complete Ready

The Complete Ready Mac App

Generally speaking, this type of app is very common across the web and usually does not affect the computer on which it operates in a serious way. Yet, even though it lacks the harmful abilities of a computer virus, it’s important to understand that having a browser hijacker like Complete Ready on your Mac is highly inadvisable. The reason is that such software can mess with the settings of browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others without requiring the user’s permission and can change their homepage, their search engine, the new tab page and the task bar buttons. On top of that, the browser hijacker can frequently redirect users’ searches to unknown websites which may be full of hard-to-remove advertisements, banner messages, pop-ups and sponsored links. Fortunately, on this page, you will find a removal guide that explains how to remove this intrusive software from any of the browsers that might have been affected and how to uninstall its imposed homepage and search engine changes.

Complete Ready for Mac

Complete Ready for Mac is ad-focused software that will only work if added to a web browser. Complete Ready for Mac is not a virus but is considered to be unwanted software since it can make unauthorized browser changes which can result in automatic page redirects to web pages that users may not wish to visit.

The creators of such programs usually earn money from advertising and site promotion. That’s why they use various aggressive online advertising strategies to encourage users to click on those links and deals that are displayed by the browser hijacker. Normally, they set programs like Complete Ready to constantly generate sponsored pop-up alerts, banner ads and redirect links on literally every page the users visit, even on sites that normally don’t show advertisements. They also set the hijacker to replace the address on the homepage or the default search engine with a new one, which loads a specific site or some sponsored search results.

What is Complete Ready?

Complete Ready is a Mac web browser program that causes infected browsers to expose users to sponsored websites and ads that generate pay-per-click revenue. The main issue with Complete Ready for Mac is that it is not always safe to click on everything this software shows on the screen since no one guarantees the reliability of its promotional messages.

However, the main problem with such software is not related to its potentially unwanted browser modifications. Many web users are more worried about the random redirects that programs like Complete Ready can initiate and the possibility of landing on malware-containing sites thanks to these redirects. That is because when rerouted to unfamiliar web locations, there’s always a risk to bump on misleading links or fake web ads that could have a virus, a ransomware, Trojan or similar malware. Moreover, no one monitors the origin and the reliability of each and every promotional message or link which the browser hijacker places on the screen.

The CompleteReady app

The CompleteReady app is a marketing program that some people call a virus because it seems to control their browser settings without being authorized to do so. The CompleteReady app tinkers with the search engine settings of the browser, the address of the homepage, the new tab page and the taskbar appearance.

The program is not intended to damage something on the device but may place users at risk when they click on the displayed promotional content which may redirect them to carriers of viruses, Trojans, ransomware and other unwanted applications.


Name Complete Ready
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Complete Ready Mac App

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