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Content Styles

Content Styles is a common type of malware that is known for introducing changes to the browser without the permission of the user. The aim of Content Styles is to change the homepage and/or the search engine’s settings in order to start opening page-redirects.

Content Styles

The Content Styles Virus will display pop up ads and messages

The page-redirects that this app generates usually land you on sites with heavy advertising activity in them and/or ones that try to get you to buy their products. The owners of those sites pay the people behind apps like Content Styles a commission for the promotion of the website in question. This is why this unwanted app is likely to keep bothering you with its incessant advertising and page-redirecting activity as this is the main reason it has been created in the first place. The changes it makes in your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browser are there to ensure that the advertising activity of the hijacker is as effective as possible.

Content Styles for Mac

Content Styles for Mac is a type of junkware extension of the browser hijacker category. Content Styles for Mac is known for silently getting installed in the browser and changing some of its settings in order to force the browsing program to show aggressive page-redirects and ads.

Despite being less hazardous than threats of the Ransomware, the Trojan Horse, and the Spyware category, this unwanted piece of software is certainly not something we’d advise you to keep installed in your computer. The main security concern we have about this app is that its ads may not always lead you to safe sites and pages. Sometimes, if you are unlucky, you may get redirected to sites with phishing elements or ones that spread viruses. Therefore, we believe it’s much better to uninstall Content Styles as soon as you finish reading this article.

What is Content Styles?

Content Styles is a potentially unwanted add-on for commonly used Mac browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Once Content Styles installs in the browser, it begins to swarm its tabs with ads and draw traffic to the sites of its partners.

It is important to avoid any advertising content that this app brings to your screen because, as we pointed out above, you can’t be sure if a given hijacker-generated ad isn’t really a link to a hazardous site. Therefore, if you wish to avoid any close encounters with Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, or other highly dangerous threats, we advise you to keep away from those ads and close any pages that the hijacker may automatically open in your browser.

The ContentStyles app

The ContentStyles app is a junkware application that looks like a normal browser extension but its aggressive ads and automatic page-redirects put it in the category of browser hijackers. The ContentStyles app’s main goal is to financially profit its creators through various online advertising techniques.

Many users install hijackers thinking that they are some form of useful additions to their browsers because, in many cases, a hijacker would indeed look like a helpful browser extension. That is why you must be careful when installing new software and only get apps that you are sure are safe and would actually benefit you in some way. 


Name Content Styles
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Content Styles Virus

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