Cranchit Virus


Cranchit is an application that specialists sort into the category of browser hijackers. As such, Cranchit can take over the browser you have on your PC and make it behave in certain ways.


The Cranchit Virus will display pop up ads and windows

Namely, as browser hijackers primarily act as a tool for online advertising, they will make your browsing program behave in ways that correspond to this. For instance, a program like Cranchit will likely change the browser homepage to some sponsored site. And the same may also happen to your default search engine, where you will find it replaced with a new and unfamiliar one. This is done with the intention of drawing more traffic to these websites.

But the symptoms don’t end there. All throughout each and every one of your browsing sessions you will be bombarded with various online ads. These can be popups that appear out of nowhere, banners that are plastered over half the screen, different blinking boxes and colorful links littering plain text, and so on. Not to mention that as you’re browsing the web, you may experience spontaneous page redirects to other sponsored web locations, which can be quite annoying as well.

And if you try to change your browser settings on your own, they will go right back to their old state as soon as you restart your Chrome, Firefox, Edge or whatever other browser you’re using. And unfortunately, the only way you will be able to be successful in this endeavor is if you remove Cranchit from your computer. And to do this, you will require a special removal guide like the one we have prepared for you just below this post.

Is Cranchit a dangerous program?

If this is the first time you have ever had to face a browser hijacker on your PC, then it’s understandable that you may be fearing the worst. You might be thinking that this is some terrible virus that has invaded your machine and you could be looking at some serious potential damage.

However, browser hijackers are not viruses and are only seen as potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. This is because, for one, they use sneaky tactics to trick people into allowing them to be installed on their computers. For another, they also engage in rather unsavory practices in order to be able to more effectively push certain products and services on you. Like for instance, programs such as Cranchit are very much capable of keeping tabs on your browsing patterns.

They can keep track of the type of websites you visit, the kind of content you interact with, etc. And this information is later processed to display tailored ads on your screen.

And last but not least, software of this type does come coupled with the risk of at some point exposing your system to different external threats. For example, you may be redirected to a page that has been infected with Trojans, ransomware, spyware, or other malicious programs. And if there are some vulnerabilities in your OS, you could easily fall victim to any of these.


Name Cranchit
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove Cranchit Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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