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Crowd Exclusive

Crowd Exclusive is a Mac app that is labeled as potentially unwanted because it can install in the main browser and change its settings without user authorization. Crowd Exclusive will show ads in the browser and redirect the user’s searches via a custom search engine.

Crowd Exclusive

The Crowd Exclusive Virus will display pop up ads and messages

Crowd Exclusive is classified as a Mac browser hijacker as it takes over the targeted browser and tries to use its tabs and windows as advertising space. Apps like Crowd Exclusive make money for their developers by employing various advertising techniques like the generation of paid ads. The users who click on those ads unknowingly and inadvertently generate money for the hijacker’s creators through their clicks. This is actually a very widespread remuneration technique known as Pay-Per-Click and it is the basis upon which most hijacker apps are created.

Crowd Exclusive is an invasive browser extension that floods the browser it’s installed on with Pay-Per-Click ads. Crowd Exclusive purposefully places the ads in the center of the screen or over the buttons of given page in order to get the user to interact with the commercials. However, this isn’t the only method with the help of which this sort of apps can make a profit – it’s just the most commonly employed one. Crowd Exclusive is a software of the hijacker type that can reroute your browser searches and traffic to sites that need to get their traffic boosted. Crowd Exclusive can redirect you to the sites of its creators or to the sites of some third-parties. Oftentimes various website owners who want to get more traffic for their sites pay the creators of browsers hijackers to get users redirected to them. However, oftentimes the sites hijackers redirect to may be hazardous and unsafe. Trusted, legitimate, and popular sites don’t typically get promoted in this rather aggressive and invasive way. This is one of the many reasons software security experts advise anyone with a hijacker in their system to get the invasive app immediately uninstalled.

Crowd Exclusive for Mac

Crowd Exclusive for Mac is a form of malware that will infect your browser and look through its search history in order to later fill your screen with targeted commercials. The ads coming from Crowd Exclusive for Mac, however, may sometimes be misleading and possibly even unsafe.

That is why it’s best if you don’t trust those advertising messages and if you don’t interact with them. Even if some of the offers seem tempting and are of products that you may show interest in, know that what seems to be advertised may not actually be what you may get redirected to after selecting the advert. Oftentimes hijacker programs display ads that lead to phishing pages or to sites that sell sham or low-quality software. Furthermore, it’s even possible that the hijacker shows you fake warning messages on your screen, prompting you to purchase some security tool and/or to provide some personal details in order to fix the problem you’re getting warned about. However, such warnings coming from questionable hijacker apps should never be trusted. Instead, you are advised to delete the unwanted app and scan your computer with an actual security program. On this page, you can find such a tool in the removal guide below. The guide itself contains helpful steps that will help you manually uninstall Crowd Exclusive. Our advice is to go there and complete the instructions as soon as you are through the article.

What is Crowd Exclusive?

Crowd Exclusive is a type of Mac software that will tamper with the settings of your browser, change the default search engine service and set a new homepage URL. The changes made by Crowd Exclusive will stay in the browser until the app itself gets uninstalled.

Many of you have probably already tried to remove this hijacker from their systems only to realize that uninstalling it may be a rather tricky task. This is, in fact, quite understandable considering the fact that this hijacker’s creators make money based on how long the unwanted app stays in your computers and how many of your clicks and visits to sites promoted by the hijacker they could get.

The CrowdExclusive app

The CrowdExclusive app is an intrusive extension that hijacks Mac browsers and gets their users redirected to online locations that have many Pay-Per-Click ads in them. The CrowdExclusive app won’t directly harm your Mac but it may potentially expose it to Ransomware or Trojans.

Even though most hijackers aren’t capable of damaging the computer on which they are installed, the fact that their ads may land you on Ransomware or Trojan Horse-infested sites should be enough of a security concern to get you to remove the unwanted app ASAP.


Name Crowd Exclusive
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Crowd Exclusive Virus from Mac

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You can find the removal guide here.


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