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The information that you are about to read here concerns one very destructive online threat named Dafont Virus. This is a Trojan horse, one of the lately discovered ones, and as such, it can perform a number of harmful activities on your machine. That’s why, if you have been infected with it, you should better remove this nasty threat and all of its traces as soon as possible. In this article, we have assembled a special removal guide, which can help you do that. There, you can find detailed instructions with exact steps and screen shots, which can show you exactly how to identify and delete Dafont Virus from your system. However, before you proceed to the guide, we first recommend you read the information below. It will give you an idea about the harmful abilities of the Trojan, its typical methods of infection and distribution and the possible actions you can take against it.

Trojan horses – what kind of malicious pieces are these?

We are more than sure that you have heard about Trojan horses not once or twice. These types of malware are very popular tools for online fraud and destruction and are widely used by criminals for a bunch of harmful deeds. What is more, they form the biggest group of harmful software and are responsible for more than 70 percent of all online malware infections. Dafont Virus is one typical representative of the Trojan horse family, which has recently been discovered by security experts. It represents a really serious cyber threat to any computer and here you are going to learn more about its specifics.

Dafont Virus is capable of infecting you without any visible symptoms!

Trojan horses are famous for their ability to camouflage and effectively infect the online users by deluding them. This is exactly what Dafont Virus does when it comes to its methods of contamination. This Trojan may break through your system with the help of different malware transmitters, however, in most of the cases, you won’t notice when and how the infection has happened. Some of the most common infection methods are:

  • Fake software updates. One very tricky tactic, used by the Trojan is to appear like an update request. It may look just like a message, generated by your OS. However, once you click on it, it will only lead you to contamination, since it will not be a real update, but a very well camouflaged fake one, which will redirect you to an already infected web page or a drive-by download.
  • Suspicious ads and malicious pop-ups. The hackers may use some realistic looking ads, pop-ups or misleading links to get you infected with Dafont Virus. You only have to click on them, to activate the Trojan, which could be hidden inside.
  • Spam, legitimate looking emails, and attachments. Beware of threats coming in your inbox. One very favorite and effective method of malware transmission is the spam and the fake emails. That’s why, if you happen to receive some questionable email, which you are not expecting, or some intriguing offer, which seems too-good-to-be-true, you should better scan it with your antivirus or avoid it. Don’t click on the links or open the attachments, which may come along, as they are very likely to be contagious. Very often, not only a Trojan like Dafont Virus but also nasty threats like Ransomware and different viruses may be lurking inside, so stay attentive.

How much harm may Dafont Virus cause?

This, nobody can say for sure. The problems, which a Trojan horse like Dafont Virus may create on your machine, may be very different. It all depends on the hackers, who have created the malware, and the purpose they intend to use it for. For example, they may program the Trojan to destroy your data, corrupt certain files or processes, modify them, or even crack the entire OS. As a result, you may lose all of your valuable information, or have your entire system damaged in such a way, that it may be impossible to repair it. But this is not everything. The criminals may use Dafont Virus to spy on all your online and offline activity. From the moment you turn your infected machine on, to the moment you turn it off, everything you do may be closely monitored by some unscrupulous hackers. They may collect information about your work and home, and everything you use – from your social media accounts to your online banking, credit and debit cards, passwords, etc. Your entire personal life may be seriously compromised. What is more, the criminals may gain unauthorized access to your machine, mess with it and use its resources for their criminal deeds. Thanks to a Trojan like Dafont Virus, they may turn your PC into a bot, program it to spread spam or different malware like Ransomware and computer viruses and get you involved in various criminal deeds. You surely don’t want to be part of that, so take immediate actions and remove Dafont Virus from your system with the help of the removal guide below.


Name Dafont Virus
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Dafont Virus Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.

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