Data Privacy Security Risk Pandemic

Data Privacy and Security at Ever Increasing Risk Due to Pandemic

The global lockdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent spread throughout the world sparked an increase in cyber security breaches and various similar safety issues.

Data Privacy Security Risk Pandemic

Data Privacy and Security are at an Ever-Increasing Risk Due to coronavirus Pandemic.

The amount of individuals and organizations that have fallen victim to hackers and cybercriminals has spiked in the last few months. There have been many more instances of ransomware and other virus attacks in particular.

And much of this has to do with a lion’s share of the workforce having been forced to operate remotely. Internet usage has increased dramatically, and with the massive uncertainty and stress present in the air, cybercriminals were quick to respond and take advantage of the situation.

Thus, a very striking example of the same has been the high-profile New York law firm that was hit by ransomware just last month. The law firm’s clients include celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Robert De Niro, among others. And the hackers behind the attack issued demands for $42 million. Unless they were paid, the criminals threatened to expose personal information about the famous clients of the firm, and even their financial details.

The above is only evidence that in times like these it’s important to keep a cool head – now more than ever.” Anxiety and stress coupled with endless streams of contradictory and unsettling information that is constantly bombarding us can easily make us forget about basic safety measures online.

So revisiting those and keeping in mind the fact that hackers are on the prowl is key to maintaining our computers safe and sound. It is each web user’s individual responsibility to be mindful of the type of content they come into contact with and to carefully sift through it, in order to avoid anything that might prove dangerous.


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