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Default Products is categorized as a browser hijacker by security experts. Default Products is known to cause browser redirects and different pop-up advertisements in addition to security vulnerabilities.

Default Products

The Default Products Virus will cause problems with your browser and redirect your searches.

A software component such as Default Products , is not as malicious as a Ransomware virus or a similar harmful computer infection. However, it could cause different types of web browsing disturbance which many web users may not be willing to tolerate. You are probably not the only person who might have issues with this software piece because Default Products is a commonly encountered piece of software from the browser hijacker type. It could be found in many web locations and installed along with various free software bundles, browser add-ons, free download links, ads, spam messages, email attachments, torrents or automatic updates. That’s why a big number of users may end up with it in one way or another and may have to face its nagging ads, sudden pop-ups, automatic page-redirects and its browser changes. As a typical browser hijacker, Default Products could target any major browser that you have installed on your PC including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or other ones. It is impossible not to notice its presence because the questionable program is very likely to set some new search engine or toolbar on your taskbar and to change your homepage or new tab page with some custom (and possibly unwanted) one.

Default Products App on Mac

Default Products is regarded as a type of a browser hijacker. Threats like Default Products are known to cause different problems like changing of the user’s designated home page or even the preferred browser of choice.

An overwhelming stream of pay-per-click ads may also start to disturb your normal web surfing the moment you open the “infected” browser. These are probably the most evident symptoms that could indicate that you are dealing with a browser hijacker. Such aggressive changes to your normal Internet settings, especially if no approval has been asked from your side, could be really invasive and unwanted and could easily get on your nerves. Also, it might not be easy to uninstall the imposed browser toolbars, search engines, and stop the page-redirect links from coming your way because the hijackers usually do not have quick uninstall menu from where they can be removed. That’s why, in order to get rid of the strange software, you may really need the help of a professional removal tool or a manual removal guide like the ones below.

The DefaultProducts App

Researchers have labeled Default Products a browser hijacker. Security problems such as Default Products are known to cause website redirects, intrusive advertisements and even phishing attempts.

The browser hijackers generally do not represent a serious computer threat and normally do not contain dangerous code which could damage your system. They are simple online advertising tools, which tend to generate automatic page-redirects and pay-per-click commercial messages on the users’ screen during their web surfing. That being said, you should still not take these pieces of software for something overly reliable because the advertising content they may display and the websites they may redirect you to may not be the safest online content that you could encounter.

What is Default Products?

Default Products is known to be a browser hijacker. Numerous complaints about Default Products include webpage redirects, unwanted advertisements and unapproved changes to the user’s browser.

Pieces of code like Default Products may flood your screen with attractive offers, banners, pop-ups and sponsored web links in their attempts to promote certain products, services, or websites to you but clicking on these ads might hide certain risks. For instance, not only may your favorite browser get covered with various unfamiliar aggressive commercials when you least need them but your web surfing activity may get interrupted by automatic page-redirects over which you may have no control. As a result, you may literally land on various unknown websites and this may increase your chances of potentially exposing your PC to nasty security hazards (including Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Ransomware, etc.), misleading links and shady virus transmitters.  Now, this is not guaranteed to happen and usually doesn’t occur too often to all the people who have browser hijackers like Default Products on their computers. However, it is definitely a good idea to minimize such risks by uninstalling the ad-generating and page-redirecting software from the system in order to ensure it doesn’t mess with your browser and that it doesn’t accidentally get you exposed to something harmful.

In case that you don’t know what the safest and the fastest way to deal with Default Products is, the instructions in the removal guide on this page will definitely help you locate and remove the hijacker and all of its related components. All you need to do is to carefully follow the steps just as they are given. Alternatively, in case that you are not confident that you will manage to complete the manual guide, you can run a scan with the suggested professional Default Products removal tool which can automatically remove the unwanted program and uninstall its imposed changes from your favorite browser in a quick and reliable manner.  


Name Default Products
Type  Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Default Products Virus

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